Priti Patel is a Flake Just Like BoJo

If BoJo & his SJW princess Piti Patel wanted to stop the invasion, they would have stopped it already. Instead, they’re encouraging it. How?

But putting messages out like this:

There are legislative, legal & operational barriers to stopping small boats.

System to return people not fit for purpose & once boats reach UK waters we’re duty bound to help.

Route is incredibly dangerous & we’re doing all we can to make it unviable.

Humbug. Absolute rubbish.

Pitti Prattel knows it’s BS but that’s her message.

She has these invaders picked up from the shores of France & she is aiding & abetting the invasion. She i& BoJo are not doing ANYTHING to stop it. They  are complicit in this crime against Britain!


Black Lives Matter is a Marxist FRAUD.

They are “house negros” and white Liberals that work for the Democratic Party and George Soros that want to enslave America with Socialism.

Stop them while you can:

Epstein Partner Reveals: U.S. State & Justice Dept. Officials Licensed Epstein’s LAUNDERING of BILLIONS for Middle-East Terrorists — Here’s Why

The elusive question of how pedophile Jeffrey Epstein made his illicit millions is finally beginning to take shape per shocking revelations on the Thomas Paine Podcast from Epstein’s longtime mentor and business partner who spilled the beans detailing how Epstein a co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell banked untold millions of dollars.

Listen Above.

Steven Hoffenberg reveals how Epstein made his money. The real story on how he made his money. Not the boring media narrative. Laundering billions for terrorists to start. Trafficking weapons and arms to foreign factions/government. And the list goes on an on.

Hoffenberg points the finger at the duo’s unnamed co-conspirator who allowed Epstein to operate for decades with a license to steal, traffic young girls, sell illegal arms, and blackmail the rich and famous — the Feds. They even set up Hoffenberg for a long stretch in federal jail, while Epstein walked away free in a play by the DOJ to keep the jet-setting asset in play.

Listen to the insightful Thomas Paine Podcast Below —

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Lebanese Red Cross: Over 100 Dead, 4,000 Injured, Hundreds Missing in Beirut

 Over 100 Dead, 4,000 Injured, Hundreds Missing in Beirut

Beirut Blast Blamed on Explosive Cargo Seized from Russian Ship

Beirut Blast Blamed on Explosive Cargo Seized from Russian Ship


France’s Macron Visiting Lebanon

Waste of time and money.

How can France, which is bankrupt, help Lebanon?
 France’s top diplomat Jean-Yves Le Drian scolded Lebanon’s leadership Thursday for failing to take the measures he said are necessary to save the country from collapse. The story is here. “Help us to help you is the message of my visit,” French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves …Read More…by Hugh Fitzgerald

Wright State Professor Claims University Refuses to Approve Anti-Marxism Economics Class

Professor Claims University Refuses to Approve Anti-Marxism Economics Class

This guy has an up hill battle. Marxists hate competing perspectives & will go to any length to silence dissent not in line with their radical ideology. A different perspective -cant have that in the “settled science” era can we?

Oprah Coaches White People on How to Navigate ‘Unconscious’ Racism on Apple TV Show

Oprah Coaches White America How to Navigate ‘Unconscious’ Racism

There are people who worship at the altar of this despicable creature.  

WATCH: BBC Pushes ‘White Privilege’ Through Bitesize School Education Service

BBC Pushes ‘White Privilege’ Through Education Service

Al BeBeeCeera should have been dismantled years ago. The fact that it’s still there means BoJo supports it, no matter what.

Shamima Begum school brings in ‘robust’ measures to spot radicalisation in pupils

 Hopeless. Just hopeless.

The school that Shamima Begum and two other schoolgirls attended before they left the UK to become Islamic State brides today said it had introduced “robust” initiatives to prevent pupils being radicalised. Bethnal Green Academy, where Begum, then 15, was a pupil …Read More…From the London Evening Standard
UK government to bring children of Islamic State jihadis to the country from Syria

If there is anyone we should trust to prevent jihad terrorism, it’s the British government. Sarcasm aside, this is a suicidally stupid move…

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  1. It is ridiculous for our politicians to urge social media sites to ban people who ‘insult’ or ‘offend’ someone. The idea that the state decides something spoken or written is hateful and metes out punishment is fascist. Why can’t they see that? So what if a person uses racist names, just block them, now you don’t see it. But no, the state has to get involved, hunt down the offender and arrest them. Insane.

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