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What coronavirus? It’s all about the climate racket

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned humanity must stop “waging war on nature” at the United Nations’ first ever summit on the biodiversity crisis on Wednesday.

Guterres said governments must include nature-based solutions in coronavirus recovery plans, investing in forests, wetlands and oceans.

Undercover Video Exposes Ilhan Omar Campaign’s “Vote Harvesting” Scheme — Project Veritas

Paul Sperry: Obama Has Trained Tens of Thousands of Leftist Organizers at Alinsky Camps

I’ve had this since Feb 2017. The DOJ and FBI have let us down.

New York Post contributor Paul Sperry joined Lou Dobbs on Wednesday night to discuss Barack Obama’s shadow government organization to sabotage President Trump. Sperry says Obama has trained tens of thousands of organizers already in Alinsky tactics at his boot camps.

Out With Wray!


CNN: ‘All the Big Banks’ on Wall Street Backing Joe Biden Against Trump

No parole for Oz terrorist Faheem Lodhi who “misunderstood his religion completely”

Australia’s first terrorist Faheem Lodhi loses parole court bid

The first Australian man convicted of terrorism offences has lost a Federal Court bid to be granted parole. Here’s why he will stay behind bars.

Video footage of architect terrorist suspect Faheem Khalid in February 2004. Picture: Channel 10Source:Supplied

Australia’s first convicted terrorist will remain behind bars after the Federal Court dismissed his appeal against the Government’s decision to deny him parole.

Faheem Khalid Lodhi has served 16 years of a 20-year sentence but was seeking to be released on parole, claiming he is rehabilitated and has disavowed his extremist views.

However, Justice Robert Bromwich on Monday dismissed his application and ordered him to pay the Government’s costs.

The Pakistan-born former Lakemba architect was in 2006 convicted of plotting to target the nation’s energy grid and military bases but has since claimed that he was misled and has asked for forgiveness.

Convicted terrorist Faheem Lodhi has lost a Federal Court appeal against the government’s decision to deny him bail.

Convicted terrorist Faheem Lodhi has lost a Federal Court appeal against the government’s decision to deny him bail.Source:Supplied

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If all of us do not defend our freedoms, soon we will not have them anymore

France: More Terrorism, More Silence

by Giulio Meotti

  • This brand of extremism has also managed to transform many European citizens into prisoners, people hiding in their own countries, sentenced to death and forced to live in houses unknown even to their friends and families. And we got used to it!
  • “[T]his lack of courage to follow in Charlie‘s footsteps comes at a price, we are losing freedom of speech and an insidious form of self-censorship is gaining ground.” — Flemming Rose, Le Point, September 2, 2020.
  • “To put it simply, freedom of speech is in bad shape around the world. Including in Denmark, France and throughout the West. These are troubled times; people prefer order and security to freedom.” — Flemming Rose, Le Point, August 15, 2020.
On September 25, in Paris, two people were stabbed and seriously wounded outside the former offices of Charlie Hebdo, where 12 of the satirical magazine’s editors and cartoonists were murdered in 2015. Pictured: Firefighters and paramedics evacuate a wounded victim from the site of the attack. (Photo by Alain Jocard/AFP via Getty Images)

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There is Ballot Harvesting Going On!

Project Veritas exposes Ilhan Omar-connected cash-for-votes ballot harvesting scheme

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas on Sunday exposed how mass voter fraud takes place in Minneapolis, helping Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar defeat her opponents.

Donald Trump demands probe into Ilhan Omar over ‘ballot harvesting’ 

The bombshell video was done with the aid of insider Omar Jamal, who revealed mass voter fraud and shared with Project Veritas investigators details of the sophisticated planning that goes behind the pay-for-vote scheme.

The video features Liban Mohamed, an Omar-connected Ballot Harvester boasting about the number of absentee ballots in his car. Mohamed was recorded saying:

“Numbers don’t lie. Numbers don’t lie. You can see my car is full. All these here are absentees’ ballots. Can’t you see? Look at all these, my car is full. All these are for Jamal Osman look. We got 300 today for Jamal Osman only.”

24 Shot During Two Days in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

Fourteen were shot, three fatally, Monday in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago. And Monday’s violence came on the heels of a weekend in which nearly 40 were shot, six fatally.

All up it is sadly the continuation of a city in turmoil, led by a mayor happy to decry gun ownership in others while availing herself of every possible protection they can afford for herself. 

George Soros is indeed an enabler of U.S. street violence

Fox News saw a bit of a dust-up this week when Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House, referred on air to the influences of billionaire George Soros on the violence that’s gone forth in the streets of mostly Democrat-controlled communities — only to have his comments shut down. Censored, some might even say.

Apologies and clarifications soon after came. But let’s be clear and let’s stay clear on this: Soros is indeed diddling in America’s political and legal systems. And his diddling is indeed having a “have at it” effect on those who would take to the streets, with bricks, to express their frustrations with President Donald Trump.

This is no conspiracy theory.

Four ex-directors of French Shia Muslim centre have been arrested

4 ex-directors of French Shia Muslim centre arrested

The centre was disbanded last year over allegations members were inciting armed jihadism and condoning the actions of regional players, such as Hezbollah, designated as terrorist organisations by the French government.

According to the report, members of the centre also propagated hate speech and anti-Semitism, as well as inciting violence.

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Pope Francis: Migrants Are Forced to Flee ‘Like Jesus’

This pope is a vile degenerate. Is he rewriting the scripture on the orders of George Soros?

Mohammedans are not “like Jesus”.  The Moslem Jesus, Isa, is a  totally perverted Jesus, and no Mohammedan is “forced to flee” to seek refuge in Western countries. This is the dumbest, most ignorant comment ever.

ROME — Pope Francis emphasized the involuntary nature of much migration Sunday, insisting that, like Jesus, migrants and refugees are often “forced to flee.”

“Today the Church celebrates the World Day of Migrants and Refugees,” the pope told the pilgrims gathered in Saint Peter’s Square for his weekly Angelus address. “I greet the refugees and migrants present in the Square around the monument entitled ‘Angels, unawares,’ which I blessed last year.”

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Project Veritas Exposes Ilhan Omar

Not surprising at all. Omar’s life is a crime-spree. From immigration fraud to embezzling public funds, Omar got away with it.  Being a black Moslem hijabee from Africa she ticks all the boxes, she is the poster child for BLM & other subversives. Will she be prosecuted this time? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Project Veritas Exposes Ilhan Omar Allies in Alleged Ballot Harvesting Operation in Minnesota

But, as we all know, the laws of the kuffar don’t apply to Mohammedans.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - AUGUST 11: Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) speaks with media gathered outside Mercado Central on August 11, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Omar is hoping to retain her seat as the representative for Minnesota's 5th Congressional District in today's primary election. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Project Veritas has released the results of an investigation into alleged ballot harvesting by supporters of Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar in Minnesota, a key swing state in the 2020 presidential election.


Ilhan Omar Implicated in Voter Fraud

Given Ilhan Omar’s reputation for crime, the voter fraud suspected to have put Al Franken in a position to cast the deciding vote to inflict ObamaCare, and the 2020 shenanigans facilitated by a strategic ruling on late ballots, it is unsurprising that Project Veritas would unmask a major voter fraud operation in Minnesota — specifically, in Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis district. Omar herself is implicated through her campaign manager.

Via Project Veritas:

One Minneapolis-based source, who is a former political worker, told Project Veritas journalists on the night of the Aug. 11 special election and primary that Omar’s campaign manager Ali Isse Gainey is a key player in the ballot harvesting scheme.

Whistleblower Omar Jamal warns,

“If American people don’t pay attention to what’s happening, the country will collapse.”

Certainly it is will collapse as a democratic republic if there is insufficient pushback against increasingly arrogant Democrat voter fraud.

Presenting Part 1 of the exposé:

Thanks to Moonbattery

Azerbaijan: “the militants are applying Sharia Law”

Sharia Law, chaos and looting against Azerbaijani citizens –Baku’s plan to hire jihadists implodes

Sharia Law, chaos and looting against Azerbaijani citizens –Baku’s plan to hire jihadists implodes

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 28, ARMENPRESS. The militants from Syria hired as mercenaries by Azerbaijan for the attack on Artsakh have caused chaos in the Azerbaijani villages where they are deployed and the altercations with the local Azerbaijani populated has even escalated to clashes, according to the Free Azerbaijan website, among other sources.

“The Syrian militants have caused chaos. According to the report there are clashes between the local residents and the Syrian militants for already two days. The militants from the Middle East are mistreating the villagers, insulting them, threatening, prohibiting women to go outside without wearing hijabs. In addition, the “guests” are attacking and looting the local stores  and not allowing shopkeepers to sell liquor. In other words, the militants are applying Sharia Law” the Azerbaijani news website reported.

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Europe: women assaulted, raped, Jews targeted, BoJo clueless…

France: Muslim migrant who stabbed two in attempt to target Charlie Hebdo entered country as unaccompanied minor

The boy has potential. Has his mosque been investigated? Have his coreligionists been arrested & charged? I won’t hold my breath.

Women Across France Assaulted for Wearing Skirts in Public

Women Across France Assaulted for Wearing Skirts in Public

That’s what Mohammedans do. That’s how they establish the sharia.

Women in several cities in France have reported being assaulted in the streets by young men in recent weeks, allegedly for wearing skirts. One woman was punched in the face.

Earlier this week, a 22-year-old woman in Strasbourg named Elisabeth was the victim of an assault by three young men, with two holding her while the third man punched her in the face and left her with a black eye.

France: 7,000 cops and soldiers protecting Jews for Yom Kippur, as Jews ‘particularly targeted by Islamist attacks’

Very soon they’ll need 70.000, and then even more….

Iraqi Migrants Accused of Dragging Women into a Car And Raping Them

Iraqi Migrants Accused of Dragging Women into a Car And Raping Them

Again, the rape of infidel women is not a crime under Mohammedan law.

Two Iraqi migrant Muslim brothers are on trial in a Berlin court after being accused of dragging young women into an SUV and then raping them for hours.

The brothers, 33-year-old Wisam and 25-year-old Karrar, were born in Baghdad and have been in custody since March of this year. They are accused of several rapes dating back to March 2018, some of which involved both of the brothers.

Berlin Police: 210 Rapes from March to July, Half of Cases Involve Migrants

That’s also fake news. Half of them are resident Mohammedans, the other half are recent arrivals.

Germany: Muslims insult and threaten Israeli woman for displaying Israeli flag, police investigate her, not them

You wanna be careful with the word ‘Nazi’, but old habits & hatreds die hard.

‘We wish we’d stayed in France’: Four Sudanese asylum seekers who crossed the Channel in a dinghy and are now being held in converted Army barracks in Kent complain they are ‘being kept like animals in pens’
  • Four Sudanese asylum seekers moved to former Army barracks in Folkestone
  • No Moslem is an ‘asylum seeker’. All Moslems are soldiers of allah. No African is entitled to welfare in Europe.
  • The men, who said they are in their 20s and 30s, all fled the war-torn Darfur 
  • They were plucked from the water by a Border Force patrol two months ago
The four Sudanese asylum seekers on the beach near the Folkestone camp where migrants began arriving last week

The four Sudanese asylum seekers on the beach near the Folkestone camp where migrants began arriving last week

BoJo, clueless, helpless, hopeless. The guy is a complete flake.

UK: Muslim Brotherhood operates unchecked as government doing nothing to tackle its influence

The government has admitted that there is no central planning to deal with the organization, even as it “allows the extremist network to grow, it puts in place the financial network and it radicalises people.” Now some politicians are calling for the Muslim Brotherhood to be banned from Britain. But apparently that penalty is reserved only for foes of jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women. The Home Office some time ago banned Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone, Lauren Southern and Lutz Bachmann from entering, all for the crime of opposing jihad terror and Sharia oppression, and thereby made it clear that it is more authoritarian and unwilling to uphold the freedom of speech than ever – at least when it comes to criticism of Islam, Muslim rape gangs, and mass Muslim migration. Continue reading Europe: women assaulted, raped, Jews targeted, BoJo clueless…

Orbán Rejects Migration Pact, Says EU Wants to ‘Manage Migration’ Not Stop It

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban speaks during a press conference with his Polish and Czech counterparts at the Polish permanent representation in Brussels on September 24, 2020 after talks with top EU officials as the bloc tries to reform asylum rules five years after the continent was engulfed by a …VICTORIA FRIEDMAN

The central European Visegrád group has criticised the European Commission’s planned reform of the EU’s asylum policy, which could ultimately force members to accept migrants.

This week, the EU’s powerful executive arm announced that it would be scrapping the Dublin arrangements and replacing it with a “strong new solidarity mechanism”. The proposal would also open up more routes for migration and asylum.

Euractiv reported that the mechanism would give member-states a choice between hosting migrants or being responsible for returning failed asylum seekers under the “returned sponsorship schemes”.

While it is claimed accepting migrants would not be mandatory, the website notes that under a proposed “crisis preparedness” mechanism, nations would be forced to take migrants either permanently or during the repatriation process, such a crisis being on the scale of the 2015 Europe migrant crisis itself.

The report even suggests that states which opt to simply hold illegals until deportation will ending up having to keep them, owing to the difficulty of repatriation. Continue reading Orbán Rejects Migration Pact, Says EU Wants to ‘Manage Migration’ Not Stop It

Migration Invasion, part 24578


Armenia‘s PM says his country has shot down two helicopters and three UAVs and destroyed three tanks belonging to Azerbaijan

The Turkish-backed Azerbaijani aggression army is attacking Armenian civilians! Armenian Forces are repelling the attacks and have downed Azeri helicopters. We stand with Armenia against Azerbaijan and Erdogan’s Al Qaeda terror proxies.

Tunisia turns back hundreds of migrants trying to cross into Europe, while Italy and the UK do nothing

UK: At least 300 illegal boat migrants reach the country on Tuesday alone

UK: Leftists campaign against new migrant camps, want more luxurious housing, free education for migrants

I would export all leftists to Africa, to a desert of their choice.

Islamic Republic of Iran deports nearly 40,000 refugees back to Afghanistan in August alone

This is not ancient history: