BLM v State Terror in Melbournistan

Police smash down the door of another opponent of the draconian laws of Premier Daniel Andrews. To say there’s now a reign of terror is becoming too close to the mark.

This ex-soldier had his door smashed down and got arrested – for saying he would go to an anti-lockdown protest, but could not urge others to do so.

This is the only BLM Protest Video you need to see.


There is a better way to fight this virus. But stopping it are the hysterics — cruel, but self-righteous — who put politics above evidence.

Never mind that this brutal way of fighting the virus has still seen hundreds of the elderly killed in nursing homes we failed to protect.

Never mind that millions of younger Australians with almost no chance of dying have meanwhile been locked in their homes.

Never mind the economic crash, our worst yet, with growth shrinking a record 7 per cent in the June quarter.

Never mind that hundreds of thousands of Australians have been made jobless by restrictions and border bans that didn’t need to be this harsh.

No way, Gladys
Gladys the Green Dreamer

Now that the economy is busted and we’re all beaten down by restrictions and bans, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian thinks it’s an ideal time to hit us with the big green hammer.