Donald Trump causes “climate change”

Apocalypso Joe sees trouble ahead
‘If He Gets a Second Term, These Hellish Events Will Continue’

HELLISH UPDATES Fires! Floods! Hurricanes! SUPERSTORMS! Donald Trump, who controls the climate, is poised to unleash horror after horror upon US suburbs. That’s according to Joe Biden, imploring voters

Climate wankers like Michael Mann really know how to hate:  yes, this is the same Michael Mann, who has been discredited over and over again and proven to be a liar and a shill for the commie cause.

“Tucker Carlson says climate change is a liberal invention ‘like racism’ in shocking on-air rant” by Graig Graziosi in

The Independent
Tucker Carlson says climate change is a liberal invention ‘like racism' in shocking on-air rant

Tucker Carlson says climate change is a liberal invention ‘like racism’ in shocking on-air rant

Only the Arab owned ‘Independent’ readers would be “shocked” over such nonsense. “climate change” is actually a Unite Nations driven scam to tax the living daylights out of civilised nations to reward third world dictatorships.

UN boss thinks socialism will fix the world’s problems. He’s wrong

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres make remarks at a press conference.
U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres 

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has seen the global problems brought on by the United Nations, and he knows how to fix them: more socialism

Guterres, the former socialist prime minister of Portugal, said that the coronavirus pandemic has shown “the lie that free markets can provide healthcare” and bemoaned the patriarchy and income inequality in a speech that was part of the Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture Series on Saturday. He blamed developed countries for not sharing resources with underdeveloped ones, calling for a New Global Deal to ensure that power, wealth, and opportunities are shared more broadly and fairly at the international level.

Guterres has it exactly backward, of course. Socialist countries have seen their living standards decline, whereas even the poorest nations (including formerly socialist countries) see improvements the moment they loosen the reins on the economy and allow free markets to thrive. A global redistributionist plan likely wouldn’t help matters much either, and it would be mostly the United States giving even more money for the U.N. to waste in its bloated bureaucracies.

Like any good socialist, Guterres stuck to vague platitudes for most of his speech, refusing to name names or offer any concrete solutions to the mix of real and imagined problems he mentioned. He brought up violence against women but refused to name countries where it was at “epidemic levels.” Guterres did say that more than 1 billion people have moved out of extreme poverty globally — bet you can guess how that happened — but then complained about the nonissue of income inequality.