Greece: Moslem soldiers burn down largest migrant camp in Lesbos

Europe’s largest migrant camp, Moria, has been “completely destroyed” after massive fires broke out early Wednesday at the overcrowded site on Greece’s Lesbos island, according to an eyewitness.

Fires in so-called ‘refugee-camps’ don’t just break out. They are deliberately lit by interned Mohammedans. Arsonists must be shot on the spot.

“The Moria camp no longer exists. The camp has been completely destroyed. The containers and tents have been completely destroyed. The fires are now out. Many migrants and refugees are now back at the camp and looking for their belongings,” Moutafis said.
The cause of the fire remains unknown, according to Greek authorities. The camp is under lockdown after 35 people tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this week. Local media suggested the fires may have been started deliberately.
A German charity group at the scene said a protest erupted at the camp on Tuesday night over lockdown measures.
“In the evening, the anger and despair of the refugees who have been interned at Moria erupted,” the German group Mission Lifeline said in a statement.
“First there was a dispute at the Covid19 station in the camp which spread to the entire area during the night. Security forces used tear gas,” the statement said. “A large part of the dwellings burned down. The homeless people fled into the surrounding olive groves.”

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  1. And what is Greece going to do with 15,000 suddenly homeless invaders? Dump them in Europe, dump them in Athens? For sure they won’t be sent back to Turkey.

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