Islam: Immigration Will Decide Our Destiny

9/11 Part One: Not a Jihad By Radicals!

On this 9/11 anniversary video of the American Truth Project, experts Clare Lopez and Dr. Bill Warner, both major figures in this movement, discuss the Jihad and its meaning, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Swedish Police Hunt for Danes Who Burned Quran in No-Go Area
Swedish Police Hunt  Danes Who Burned Quran in No-Go Area

If Moslems burned a bible, would the police be hunting them?

Swedish police are hunting for members of an anti-Islam group from Denmark who are alleged to have burned a copy of the Qur’an in Stockholm’s no-go Rinkeby suburb.

Swedish police say they are searching for a blue Skoda car registered in Denmark in connection to the burning of a copy of the Qur’an on Thursday, saying an investigation into incitement to racial hatred has been launched.

Turks irked at Qur’an-burning in Sweden: ‘We expect Swedish authorities to take all measures to fight this disease’
Slovakia Bans Mosques Nationwide, Effectively Banning Islam from Country

Slovakia Bans Mosques Nationwide, Effectively Banning Islam from Country

Slovak legislation forbids Islamic mosques being established in country – Slovakia has banned mosques from being established anywhere in the country, effectively banning I… | NEON NETTLE
Muslims and LGBT: Intersectional Allies?

Muslims and LGBT: Intersectional Allies?

Muslim and LGBT groups in America and other Western countries have often formed “intersectional” political alliances in the name of promoting minority rights. Such bonds are ironic given condemnation of homosexuality and “transgenderism” in traditional Islamic doctrine as well as the radical individualism and secularism of LGBT agendas. Ismail Royer, who served years in prison after being convicted of jihad terror plotting and now asserts that he is a “moderate Muslim,” is the director of the Religious Freedom Institute’s Islam and Religious Freedom Action Team. He joins Conservative Casual Friday host Andrew E. Harrod to discuss the theological and political paradoxes and questions of such a coalition attempting to unite divergent groups. Can Muslims truly approve of LGBT beliefs? Do LGBT groups really respect Muslims, particularly in religious freedom matters? Or do LGBT groups themselves promote “Islamophobia”? In case of conflict between these groups, which will gain the upper hand? Who is using whom in these tactical groupings?

From an informed reader on JW:

“…radical individualism and secularism of LGBT agendas.”

This statement implies that LGBTQWERTY+++ groups and muslims are at odds because the former are “secular” and “individualistic” compared to the latter’s tribalism, which should be correct in theory, but in reality it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Before you attack me, let me explain what I mean. In theory, there should be no more secular and individualistic person on the planet than a gay (or any other letter in the acronym) person, because they can only practice their sexual preference in a free and open-minded society. Live and let live, meaning you do what you want and I’ll do what I want as long as neither of us are hurting anybody. That’s the theory behind it, correct?

However, the reality is drastically different. How so you ask? Well just go to any “pride” parade and ask the people there what they think about Trump (and in turn, his supporters) and watch as the parade goers (and supporters looking from the side) turn from loving sweethearts to venom-spitting vipers. I’ve seen hours of footage to support this claim and will link if anyone doubts me. Besides, it’s no secret that many vocal LGBTQWERTY+++ activists are also active Antifa/BLM members who are currently participating in the riots and burning down the country–LITERALLY!

And before you say “not all gays are leftists”, spare me the crap. The majority are leftists, just how all LGBTQWERTY+++ groups and organizations are leftists. Centrist and right-wing gays are a minority (almost an insignificant one) who are treated by their “fellows” like literal Nazis and avoided like the plague (needless to say they are banned from all the hottest parties). To their credit, I wager to guess that there are many more “reasonable” (read: anyone who’s not far left) gays, but unlike their outspoken brethren, they dare not come out of the leftist closet in fear of being shut out by their peers.

TL;DR: Why are muslims and LGBTQWERTY+++ orgs allies? Two reasons: 1) They are both hive-minded and tribal, and 2) “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, meaning they share a common goal to get rid of Trump and his “racist Nazi supporters” who oppose mass 3rd world (muslim) illegal immigration. Also, muslims like burning down non-muslim countries, so these BLM/Antifa riots are working in their favor.