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Footage of Alleged Moria Migrant Camp Arsonists Released

Greek media have released footage they claim depicts migrants setting fires during the Moria migrant camp blaze that left more than 10,000 migrants homeless on the island of Lesbos.

The footage, which runs nearly a minute and a half, shows what appears to be a young man lighting a piece of cardboard on fire and using it to spread the blaze to nearby vegetation. Several other small fires are also seen burning nearby.

Cyprus accuses Turkey of expanding 'illegal drilling' in East Med


Cyprus accuses Turkey of expanding ‘illegal drilling’ in East Med

Ahead of special summit on crisis, Cypriot leader raises alarm as EU chief warns Ankara against intimidating neighbours.

Erdogan: Turkey will make no concessions in eastern Mediterranean


Turkey will make ‘no concessions’ in eastern Med

President Erdogan said Turkey will do whatever is needed to obtain its rights in Black Sea, Aegean and Mediterranean.