Woke, white & stupid

What coronavirus? It’s all about the climate racket

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned humanity must stop “waging war on nature” at the United Nations’ first ever summit on the biodiversity crisis on Wednesday.

Guterres said governments must include nature-based solutions in coronavirus recovery plans, investing in forests, wetlands and oceans.

Undercover Video Exposes Ilhan Omar Campaign’s “Vote Harvesting” Scheme — Project Veritas

Paul Sperry: Obama Has Trained Tens of Thousands of Leftist Organizers at Alinsky Camps

I’ve had this since Feb 2017. The DOJ and FBI have let us down.

New York Post contributor Paul Sperry joined Lou Dobbs on Wednesday night to discuss Barack Obama’s shadow government organization to sabotage President Trump. Sperry says Obama has trained tens of thousands of organizers already in Alinsky tactics at his boot camps.

Out With Wray!


CNN: ‘All the Big Banks’ on Wall Street Backing Joe Biden Against Trump

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  1. Re: “CNN: ‘All the Big Banks’ on Wall Street Backing Biden Against Trump” – That might well be true. They know a corruptocrat when they see one. But Trump’s own chief bankster, Wilbur Ross, is still a Rothschild, so “what difference does it make!”?

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