Cartoon Rage around the world

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Kremlin on jihad attacks in France: It’s wrong to kill, but wrong also to insult feelings of religious believers

This is essentially a call to surrender and accept Sharia blasphemy laws, so as to avoid insulting the feelings of religious believers, and thereby remove the need for more killing. It is a bow to violent intimidation, which will only encourage more violent intimidation.

Turkey’s Erdogan files criminal complaint against Geert Wilders for insulting him

Dutch judges can’t wait to be of service to the Turkish sultan, because they hate Wilders for ripping the mask off their cowardice.

Erdogan has long been antagonizing the EU, and has referred to it as “sick” and “collapsing.” Recently, we have seen his furious defense of Islam in France in the wake of the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty for showing a cartoon of Muhammad. His latest target is Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who won’t submit….

Pakistan’s Khan calls on Muslim countries to ‘act together against Islamophobia’

Saudi Arabia condemns ‘offensive’ cartoons in wake of murder of French schoolteacher, but not his beheading

France issues warning to citizens in Muslim countries ‘as anger seethes’ over Muhammad cartoons

In Islam, every infidel is collectively responsible for the hurty cartoons of their beloved profit.

Grand Imam of al-Azhar calls for international legislation criminalizing ‘acts of hate’ against Muslims

Just like you knew he would.

France: Muslims screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ hunt down Armenians on streets, attack police

Infidels must never say “all Muslims…” It is a privilege of Moslems to hold infidels collectively responsible.

France: Second Muslim screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ tries to stab police in Avignon UPDATE: Member of Generation Identity

That’s impossible. No member of Generation Identity would scream ‘allahuakbar’ and attack the police. Fake news.

French Ambassador to Sweden: ‘France is a Muslim country’

If this is true, then France has no business interfering with Muslims enforcing Sharia blasphemy laws.

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia: ‘Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people’

Mahathir Mohamad is in his eighties. Even old age cannot control his inner Rage Boy.

Sweden: Police try to stop people from burning Qur’an in honor of teacher beheaded over Muhammad cartoon

Belgium: Police take down Muhammad cartoon posters, check CCTV cameras to find those responsible

Macron Sticks Up For Free Speech, Jaffa Muslims Riot In Response