TikTok Terror

French Paki Imam Used TikTok To ‘Propagate Terror’

Imam Haider published three videos on TikTok which French officials deemed as promoting – if not glorifying – terrorism.

Five years after Bataclan, the threat of terror in France is as great

In one video, Haider discussed the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, uncritically stating “Muslim worshippers are willing to sacrifice themselves for the prophet.” Another video shows Haider discussing “attacking non-Muslims and disbelievers” and “sending them to hell.”

The charges follow a host of Islamic terrorist attacks in France, and apply to Imam Luqman Haider, who will serve 18 months in jail. A Pakistani native, Haider arrived in France in 2015 and officiated at a mosque in Villiers-le-Bel in a commune in the northern suburbs of Paris. Continue reading TikTok Terror

Finally! Judge Issues Order to Freeze All Dominion Machines in Georgia!

It’s probably too late. They changed all the software back!

FOX NEWS: President Trump says he’s ‘ashamed’ he endorsed Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

Fight against electoral fraud is a fight against totalitarianism. Trump’s efforts to expose it are noble

by Steve Hecht

Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood

President Trump and his legal team are exposing a massive electoral fraud in Democrat-controlled cities in swing states. This looks like 1960 all over again, when Chicago Mayor Richard Daley stole the presidential election for John Kennedy. The difference in 2020 is the theft took place in more than one city, which makes the statistical irregularities more glaring.

Democrats have been committing fraud in large cities for many years, and we will lose our liberty if we fail to confront it. We are fortunate Mr. Trump is doing so for the integrity of this election and future ones, starting with the Jan. 5 Senate runoffs in Georgia.

Calls for Mr. Trump to concede stem from the Democratic need to avoid discovery — the process where evidence is gathered in legal proceedings. Democrats wish to protect the fraud to facilitate a one-party state.

Democratic media partners are applying pressure on congressional Republicans to join them in saying there was no fraud, and that the election is decided. Regardless of their personal opinions of Mr. Trump, Republican congressmen should not join colleagues like Mitt Romney. He has a personal animus for Mr. Trump, and he is helping Democratic media sweep fraud under the rug.

Republicans should stand and applaud Mr. Trump’s efforts to discover and reveal the truth.

Richard Nixon believed contesting the fraud in Chicago would hurt his future political chances. Nixon put personal ambition above national interests by not denouncing and fully exposing the 1960 fraud. This helped facilitate urban election corruption that has continued for 60 years.

This includes dead people, non-residents and aliens voting. Add to that the counting of unverified ballots, violations of equal protection, exclusion of Republican poll watchers and software issues with voting machines.

Jon Voight Warns ‘We Are in Great Danger if We Fall Under a Biden Administration’


Why did it take so long?


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ISIS in Sulawesi burning churches & murdering Christians “not religiously motivated”

ISIS murders Christians in Sulawesi, burns churches

Today’s “nothing-to-do-with-Islam” event:

Authorities said the victims were members of a Christian community but a police official said the assault was not religiously motivated.

Indonesia: Murdered Christians Were Working for Salvation Army…

Police hunt suspects after four killed on Indonesian island

Attackers also torched homes in Lembantongoa village in Central Sulawesi, including one used for regular prayers.

Indonesia: Muslims raid village, murder four Christians, burn church and six Christian homes

Police were hunting the suspects on Saturday and no arrests have yet been made.

Authorities blamed Sulawesi-based East Indonesia Mujahideen (MIT), one of the groups across the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation that have pledged allegiance to ISIL (ISIS).

Boko Haram slaughters 43 farm workers in Nigeria

Al Jizz won’t let us know that they were Christians, but because Islamics usually kill non-Moslems we must assume that they were.

Afghanistan: 34 people killed in two suicide bombings

That’s almost an everyday event in that wonderful country. Barely newsworthy.

New ‘study’ purports to prove that ‘far-right terrorism’ is ‘bigger threat to West than Islamic State’

The Institute of Economics and Peace says that its “research is used extensively by governments, academic institutions, think tanks, non‑governmental organisations and by intergovernmental institutions such as the OECD, The Commonwealth Secretariat, the World Bank and the United Nations.” Just so you know where it’s coming from.

From the Religion of Peace:

Indonesia: Murdered Christians Were Working for Salvation Army…
Facebook ‘Influencer’ Mourns Jihadi Who Beheaded Teacher…
Italy Charges Palestinian Man with Decapitating Virgin Mary Statue…
Vienna Killer Tried to Attack Church Youth Group…
British ISIS Demands to Come Home: Laughs About Killing Gays…
Late Musician’s Wife Alleges Forcible Conversion…
Faithful Raise Money on Facebook to Free ISIS Brides…
Graffiti in Indian City Promotes Beheading Muhammad ‘Insulters’
Graffiti in Vienna Advocates “Death to Christians”…
Illegal Rapes Woman Weeks After Arriving in Britain…
Former Bollywood Actress Asks Fans to Remove Her Pictures…
Women Beaten During Raid by Sharia Enforcers…
Boko Haram Slit Throats of 43 Farm Workers…
NY Times Accused of Parroting Iranian Propaganda…
Sharia Cops Conduct Door-to-Door Search for ‘Sinners’ at Resort…
(Egypt) Hundreds of Muslims Attack Christians over Facebook Post…
(Somalia) Suicide Bomber Goes Off at Ice Cream Parlor…

Japan is a target too

Will Japan Embrace Dissolution by Diversity?

Thanks to Moonbattery

At least after Europe and the Anglosphere have finished flushing themselves into oblivion, Japan will still be around to keep alive the memory of Western Civilization. Then again, maybe not:

Toshimitsu Motegi is a politician for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and has served as the country’s Minister for Foreign Affairs since September 2019.

During a Q and A session, Motegi said his “national vision” meant “transforming Japan in the 21st century into a “diversified multiethnic society” by way of mass immigration from all over the world.

He even wants “resident foreigners” to vote. The LDP must follow the Democratic Party’s practice of redistributing taxpayer money to people from other countries in exchange for support.

Japan is 98.1 per cent ethnically Japanese, with the next most populous ethnicity being Chinese at just 0.5 per cent.

That’s one reason Japan hasn’t seen hundreds of race riots costing billions of dollars since coronavirus raised the pressure on social tensions.

The country has an extremely low crime rate and terrorism is very rare. Back in 2017, at the height of the refugee crisis, it was revealed that Japan had refused 99% of refugees, having accepted just 28 in 2016.

International pressure for Japan to walk the plank is underway. Motegi echoes the demand that the country obliterate itself.

They used to sing that there would always be an England. Thanks to mass immigration, we now know better. The same may hold true of Japan.

To survive, Japan needs to pick and choose what it takes from the West. By all means, adopt limited government, industrialization, capitalism, and the scientific method. But steer clear of Cultural Marxism.

For those totally clueless about Japan:

There are increasing numbers of cultural enrichers who have managed to settle in Japan, GOD knows how. There are large numbers of blacks from Nigeria, Ghana & Senegal in the Roppongi & Shinjuku entertainment districts. There are more than 200.000 Mohammedans in the country & about 100 mosques. The jihad network consists mostly of halal /Gyros vendors, who are ubiquitous.

‘It is necessary to kill the white man’

WTF is going on in Paris?

Paris on fire as protesters respond to law banning posting images of police

Egyptian Former Movie Actor: ‘Islam is a Religion of Love, Peace and Coexistence That is Being Bullied by Macron’


A former movie actor is promoting Islamic jihad terrorism to Egyptian TV audiences by means of an anti-France campaign riddled fallacies and myths.

Portugal: Muslim migrant head of anti-racism group says ‘it is necessary to kill the white man’

Reminder: Hussein Obama was member of a “church” that preaches the annihilation of the white man.


Celebrate diversity!

Chris Tomlinson of Breitbart notes that “earlier this year, the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), which is partnered with Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, called for support of SOS Rascimo, which it described as one of the ‘founding members’ of the ENAR.”

“Mamadou Ba evokes white man’s death to ‘avoid the social death of the black political subject,’” translated from “Mamadou Ba evoca morte do homem branco para ‘evitar morte social do sujeito político negro,’” by Alfredo Leite, Cofina Media, November 22, 2020 (thanks to Mason):

The Portuguese-Senegalese Mamadou Ba declared this Saturday that “it is necessary to kill the white man, murderer, colonizer and racist” in order to “avoid the social death of the black political subject”. Mamadou Ba’s statements were made during an online conference organized by the online channel Pensa Africanamente, dedicated to the theme “Racism and the Advancement of Hate Speech in the World”.

Ba’s words were equivocal, as can be seen in the video of the event. It is not clear whether the former advisor of the Left Bloc assumed that thought or if he was just quoting (agreeing with him, presumably), “[Frantz] Fanon”, a French philosopher from Martinique who specialized in the psychopathology of colonization.

At the digital meeting, which brought together Brazilian activists against racism, the leader of SOS Racismo also stated that “refutation is part of the propositional capacity, but what matters most to combat hate speech is to propose a new narrative”.

U.S. Election Fraud: Free & Uncorrupted Elections MATTER

Donald Trump: ‘Facts Are on Our Side’ in Election Fight, but ‘Time Isn’t’

President Donald Trump admitted to reporters Thursday that though facts are on his side in the legal fight over the results of the election, time is not.

“As to whether or not I can get this apparatus moving this quickly–because time isn’t on our side…,” Trump said. “Everything else is on our side. Facts are on our side.”


Trump’s legal team says that they will be appealing today’s decision in Pennsylvania and take the case to the United States Supreme Court.

1. It’s very unfortunate that the two federal courts in Pennsylvania are slamming the door shut and rejectIng serious equal protection issues and preventIng discovery on fraud issues.  And these opinions are very political in nature.

2. There’s a second case in Pennsylvania state court where the rogue state Supreme Court has stepped in to try to prevent the court from actually conducting a hearing. We will know more about that on Monday.

Quid Pro Joe where he belongs!

Spooky Dude & the EUSSR are Flooding Europe With Unassimilable Savages

That’s why the EU has been going hard on Poland and Hungry. They are ethnic strongholds that resist. Now they’re turning up the heat.

EU Demands Italy Pay for Migrant Dependents Living Outside EU

EU Demands Italy Pay for Migrant Dependents Living Outside EU…Wants Member-States to Keep Ethnic Stats for Its ‘Integration and Inclusion’ Plan

That’s the Soros “Open Society” plan in full swing. Import large numbers of unassimilable third world savages to collapse the European nation-states. The unelected EUSSR communists are totally in on it, but they will be unlikely beneficiaries of this colourful new world they’re hoping to bring about.

The European Union has recommended member states record statistics on ethnicity to assess the effectiveness of the integration of migrants and monitor discrimination.

The European Commission recommended the move as part of its “integration and inclusion action plan” that was released on Tuesday.

More below the fold.

Most Tunisian Migrants Given Citizenship in Safe Italy Use EU Free Movement to Move to France

Why in his right mind would give Mohammedan invaders citizenship? WTF is wrong with these people?

Some of the 67 migrants rescued by members of French NGO SOS Mediterranee boat Ocean Viking off the coast of Lampedusa island react, on June 25, 2020. - Dozens of migrants drifting in the Mediterranean on a blue wooden boat were rescued on June 25, 2020 by activists on a …SHAHZAD ABDUL/AFP via Getty Images


Over half of the Tunisian migrants who claimed Italian citizenship between 2012 to 2017, 56 per cent, used EU Free Movement rules to move to France.

Statistics also reveal that of the Tunisians granted asylum in 2011, just 10 per cent remained in Italy by 2018, the lowest level of any nationality.

In recent months, Italy has seen a new surge of mass migration, primarily from Tunisia via the Italian island of Lampedusa. Many of them have made the trip north to the town of Ventimiglia, which lies on the border with France, after arriving.

Delia Bonuomo, a Ventimiglia bar owner, told French newspaper Le Figaro that many come directly from Lampedusa and do not bother trying to stay in Italy at all.

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No, we’re not in this together

Dr. Doom the Grinch

Fauci Warns of Bleak Winter

Looking Forward to ‘Christmas in 2021’
Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci speaks during a White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefing in the James S. Brady Briefing Room of the White House on November 19, 2020. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP) (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Dr. Anthony Fauci believes that Thanksgiving could mark the beginning of a bleak winter, warning that the pandemic could worsen throughout the holidays and encouraging Americans to “be careful” as Christmas approaches, though he is personally looking forward to “Christmas in 2021.”

This goes beyond academic fraud – this is criminal activity to deprive people in a pandemic of proven treatment:

They cant recognise hydroxychloroquine as covid19 treatment it will kill their vaccination plan worldwide!

Portuguese Court Rules That The PCR Test “Is Unable To Determine” A COVID-19 Infection

  • The Facts:
  • A Portuguese court has determined that the PCR tests used to detect COVID-19 are not able to prove an infection beyond a reasonable doubt, and thus determined that the detainment of four individuals was unlawful and illegal.

  • Reflect On:

    With no clear cut answer, and many doctors and scientists contradicting each other, should governments be allowed to take measures that restrict our freedoms? Instead of force, should they provide the science and simply make recommendations?

What Happened: The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test “is unable to determine, beyond reasonable doubt, that such positivity result corresponds, in fact, to the infection of a person by the SARS-CoV-2 virus”, said the Lisbon Court of Appeal. (source)

A Portuguese appeals court has ruled against the Azores Regional Health Authority, declaring the quarantining of four individuals is unlawful.

Read it all.

Queer ChiCom Will Be Chief of Twitter Censorship

‘Young, Queer Asian Chinese-American Businesswoman’ Will Control Free Speech on Twitter

“As a queer woman of colour who is an Asian American in tech in rural America, that experience is a very intersectional one. I’ve had plenty of experiences moving through spaces where I wanted more safety,” she said.

Yep, she’s been to college. Where else do you learn that kind of psychobabble?

Twitter Exec Christine SuChristine Su

Tech news site Protocol published a profile recently of Christine Su, the senior product manager for “conversational safety” at Twitter. Su’s approach to the platform’s censorship will focus on “transformative and procedural justice.”

Leftoids are always eager to exaggerate deviant behaviour or shortcomings and use it as some sick badge of honour.

She can speak in her native Mandarin so the Chinese government don’t need to hire an interpreter when she shares our data with them.

Her sister is currently reporting on the “Great, humanitarian Chinese government”. Continue reading Queer ChiCom Will Be Chief of Twitter Censorship

Iran Confirms Top Nuclear Scientist Assassinated in Tehran

Iranian state media reported on Friday morning that top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated near the capital city of Tehran by unidentified “terrorists” after a fierce battle with his security team.

Fakhrizadeh was described as the “father of the Iranian bomb” in a famous 2018 presentation by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

#Biden will never be POTUS:

Have you noticed that the argument went from “they have no evidence…” to “the evidence isn’t enough to overturn” to “look at the typos…”

They are attempting to change the narrative.

And we won’t let them.

Top Iranian nuclear scientist killed near Tehran

A report from Iranian state media:
Mohsen Fakhrizadeh – a scientist believed by the Israeli government to be a driving force behind Iran’s nuclear weapons program – was killed in an alleged targeted attack outside of Tehran on Friday, according to Iranian state media citing the country’s defense ministry. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif condemned the killing in a statement, calling it an “act of state terror.”
Obama plant John Brennan is enraged about the elimination of one of our enemies?

Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan on Friday lashed out at the killing of the head of Iran’s nuclear program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, labeling his death a “criminal act.”

What else makes a Marxist Moslem throw hissy fits?

In other news:

Iran detained Moore-Gilbert because of Israeli partner

Sydney Morning Herald says British-Australian academic was arrested after Iran found out her partner was Israeli.

Kylie Moore-Gilbert was released on Thursday after two years in prison in Iran on spying charges she rejected [Family of Kylie Moore-Gilbert via DFAT and AFP]

Kylie Moore-Gilbert was released on Thursday after two years in prison in Iran on spying charges she rejected

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