French Internal Intelligence Report: 150 Neighborhoods ‘Held’ By Radical Islamists

Nearly 7 in 10 French Say ‘Islamo-Leftism’ a Major Problem

Macron’s France: ‘Islamo-Leftism’ Fears Grow

A poll has revealed 69 per cent of French, nearly 7 in 10, say that there is a problem with an ideology of “Islamo-Leftism” in the country.

The Odoxa-Backbone consulting poll found that a comfortable majority of respondents believed there was a problem with leftist groups, political parties, and personalities refusing to take hard positions against radical Islamic extremism for fear of “stigmatising” Muslims as a whole.

Europe has that problem wherever Mohammedans have been allowed to settle. That problem is getting bigger by the day.

Go ahead and ‘stigmatize’ the miserable b*st*rds.
They want to destroy and replace you. This is not a rhetorical ‘game’, not to them.

When the results are divided by political affiliation, the survey showed that 82 per cent of the supporter of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally believed the issue to be a problem, while 83 per cent of the centre-right Republicans held the same views, Franceinfo reports.

Supporters of Emmanuel Macron’s Republicans on the March (LREM) party agreed with the proposition 80 per cent of the time.

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Sadiq Khan Demands Mail-in Voting for London Mayoral Election

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The Goalposts Have Moved Again

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is coming – it’s what the @wef wants.

Vaccine certificates will be a disaster for humanity. STOP IT!

Dr. Doom issues his latest decree for the masked peasantry:

Fraudci: ‘Could Be Close’ to Normal by the End of the Year


Fauci: Those Vaccinated Must Continue to Wear Masks to Protect Others

Does anyone still listen to this fraud?

How many people has Fauci sent to heaven for his stance against Hydroxychloroquine. He and Cuomo are no different than Josef Mengele when it comes to playing ideological politics with peoples lives.

Ilhan Omar wants to know why Syrian airstrikes were authorized without Congressional approval

The American Rescue Plan is being sold to the public as COVID-19 aid, yet only 9% of the funds are directed towards providing stimulus relief. American taxpayers deserve better than radical and fake relief bills.

Andrew Cuomo hid nursing home deaths, and the media helped him do it 


The Left says Dr. Seuss is racist. They say Little House on the Prairie is racist. They say To Kill a Mockingbird is racist. All being banned by public schools. How long before the Left bans the Bible?

Asylum seekers Welfare Seekers  stream across Gateway International Bridge from Mexico after Biden relaxed rules 

Call them at least economic migrants. They are not asylum seekers, unless they are all Venezuelans, which they are not.

Computer repairman at center of ‘Biden laptop’ scandal takes new legal action against Twitter 

Kristi Noem rips virus lockdowns in CPAC speech: ‘COVID didn’t crush economy. Government did’

@SadiqKhan has called for postal voting in the London Mayor elections. The vote-counting software is provided by Smartmatic who is at the centre of voting irregularities in the Presidential Election.
The Goalposts have been moved. Again
“I can’t help noticing that the goalposts have moved again. In fact, the pitch has been abandoned altogether, and a different game has kicked off somewhere else.”– Daniel Hannan

Who pulls the strings?

So let me get this straight…

The most powerful governments on the planet cannot prevent the spread of a virus but they can change the Earth’s temperature and climate if the American taxpayers send them more money?

Joe’s handlers are very aware that he is failing…….mentally and physically every day. The 25th Amendment will come into play in next few weeks or months.

36 days. He was in office for 36 days before he decided to bomb another country

“Joe Biden would score below average on the cognitive matrix at a Florida retirement community”. – Matt Gaetz

Meet the New President of the United States….Barack Obama

Back to finish the job with his third term.

Wayne Allyn Root

I’ve written thousands of columns and commentaries. This is the most important I’ve ever written.

This is my chance to play the modern-day Paul Revere. “The commies are coming. The commies are coming.” Yes, I am reporting a communist takeover. But the leader of this attack is not who it appears to be.

Republicans, conservatives and capitalists are sick right about now. We’re in shock. We can’t believe Donald Trump is no longer president. We can’t believe Americans voted against the greatest economy — perhaps in history — the greatest jobs picture ever, the greatest improvement in middle-class incomes ever and the greatest economic comeback ever, which Trump produced after the COVID-19 lockdown and economic collapse. Remember 33% gross domestic product in Q3 2020? That was the biggest number in history. Who would vote against all that? You’d have to be self-hating and suicidal. Continue reading Who pulls the strings?

Get up to speed on the Great Reset: ‘Trussst Usss! We’re Not Evil’

Great Reset: World Economic Forum Hails ‘Quieter’ Cities as Businesses Collapse During Lockdown

Great Reset: World Economic Forum Hails ‘Quieter’ Cities as Businesses Collapse During Lockdown

The World Economic Forum (WEF) faced a barrage of criticism before deleting a social media video which praised coronavirus lockdowns for “quietly improving cities around the world”.

In the video, the WEF said that as a result of people using less public transport and factories closing down during the lockdown, noise and air pollution fell in cities throughout the world. The video also celebrated the ability of scientists to discover earthquakes due to the low level of seismic noise on the planet as populations were locked in their homes.

Deindustrialisation, decommercialisation is the plan. The Agenda 21 is already here. From here on towards Agenda 30. With a bullet!

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Get up to speed on the Great Reset

By George Christensen MP

You’ve no doubt heard about the socialist-corporatist hybrid plan known as ‘the Great Reset’. The plan is being pushed by the World Economic Forum, run by James Bond villain lookalike Klaus Schwab (pictured above), and covers everything from the elimination of private property (for everyone but the corporations and oligarchs of course!) to the fusion of humanity with artificial intelligence. I kid you not.
In a recent Epoch Times opinion piece, it was pointed out that the imposition of the Great Reset – a major reworking of the global economic structure – would likely be done by force and centralised power. The writer said that:

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Bomb Back Better

Joe’s handlers are very aware that he is failing…….mentally and physically every day.

The 25th Amendment will come into play in next few weeks or months.

Kamala Harris was not informed prior to the Syrian bombing and is very upset about being left out of the loop, per WH official

Bomb Back Better

Given the ostentatious worship of black and brown people by the Biden’s Handlers Administration, why are we still bombing them in the Middle East? Because the nauseating PC posturing is a complete load of crap, as Paul Joseph Watson can’t help noticing:

Biden Diversity Strikes Syria

Bomb back better (with inclusivity and compassion).


In other news:

220,000 Brits Sign Petition Against Vaccine Passports, Forcing Debate in Parliament

Harvard study claims slavery reparations would have reduced COVID-19 infections and deaths

A group of Harvard Medical School researchers are suggesting that one solution for the coronavirus may not actually be based on science, but on social justice.

Dumbing down is worse than the corona virus. This level of stupid is hard on the brain.

House passes $1.9T pandemic bill on near party-line vote



The Queen Joins the Vaxxinistas

Queen’s brutal swipe at antivaxxers

Queen’s brutal swipe at antivaxxers


The idiot prince of Wales pushes the “Great Reset”

Dems Don’t Trust Creepy Joe With Nukes

Who does? Dementia and nuclear codes don’t mix.

What a relief; Congressional Democrats are at least more sensible than the voters who elected Biden. They know that someone that irresponsible not to mention non compos mentis cannot be trusted with the capacity to launch a nuclear strike. Given Biden’s nasty disposition, he might set off a nuclear war in a disoriented fit of pique.

Politico reports

Lies, damn lies and coronavirus

Our authorities are undermining public confidence


This is the law under which the ABC operates: “The functions of the Corporation are…. to provide…  services of a high standard…  to provide… broadcasting programs that contribute to a sense of national identity…” This is ABC TV’s new contribution: “D*ck or P*ssy of Colour.” Your taxes.


First Facebook censored conservatives.  Then it censored news unhelpful to Democrat Joe Biden. Then it censored Donald Trump. Then it censored an Australian politician who quoted scientific studies.. Then it censored Australia. Now it wants to police thought on global warming. And it’s started by pushing alarmist claims. Facebook is a menace.

George Soros’ Rogue District Attorneys

Why blue cities are soaring with violent crime

A few episodes ago, we began to uncover a plot driven by George Soros (and others like him) to completely reshape law and order in America. On this episode, we continue to expose the left’s coordinated effort to dismantle traditional, independent-minded prosecutors who put the rule of law above politics and party. They are then replaced by rogues who usurp the constitutional role of the legislative branch by refusing to prosecute entire categories of crime. The question is: why would billionaires want to change up the system that they have benefitted so much from?

A drug against jihad?

Man Needs Medication To Avoid Turning Into ‘Jihadist Muslim,’ Charged In Attempt To Join ISIS

I wonder what kind of drug has that effect. I’m sure it’s not HCQ.

Felony Case Records rapper Conejo has been extradited back to Los Angeles from Mexico to face murder charges! Reuters

When it comes to terrorism, the United States does not take anything lightly.  The case of 33-year-old Mohamed Fathy Suliman is a bit creepy, alleging he turns into a “Jihadist Muslim” if he does not take his medication. But it appears it goes beyond that.

Suliman was charged on Tuesday after allegedly attempting to join ISIS. The federal grand jury in Gainesville formally booked the US citizen for attempting to provide material support for a designated foreign terrorist organization per court records. The 33-year-old, if convicted, is facing up to 20 years in prison, AP Newsreported.

“Protecting national security is a top priority of this office,” Lawrence Keefe, the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Florida, said in a statement. “We are absolutely committed to deterring, disrupting and dismantling the plans of anyone who seeks to support a designated foreign terrorist organization.”

Hussein Obama is back to finish the job

Meet the New President of the United States …. Hussein Obama

Back to finish the job with his third term.

How many innocent Syrians lost their lives yesterday because of the warmonger Biden administration?

Julia Roberts to Present ‘Award of Courage’ to Her ‘Personal Hero’ Anthony Fauci

Julia Roberts to Present ‘Award of Courage’ to Her ‘Personal Hero’ Fauci

She’s an airhead & a twit. And he just loves the cameras, the little creep.

UK Health Chief Warns Britons Against Gwyneth Paltrow’s Advice for Coronavirus Cures

UK Health Chief Warns Britons Against Gwyneth’s Corona Cures

Her steam cleaned vagina & candles with her very own vagina odour are not selling anymore. No Hollywood studio will have her. So now she’s selling snake oil?

How’s everyone liking Obama’s third term so far?

Biden Orders Airstrikes in Syria

JUST IN: U.S. troops bracing for retaliation after airstrikes

The Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve has raised the threat level for U.S. service members in Iraq -Fox News

‘Just Asking’ for Censorship

Democrats expand their effort to shut down speech by targeting newsrooms.

Just asking. Specifically they asked each CEO: “Are you planning to continue carrying Fox News, Newsmax and OANN . . .? If so, why?”

Why free speech matters

Why free speech matters

“Not every heretic is a Galileo, speaking truths to a society not ready to hear them. But once we compromise on the principle of free speech, the Galileos of this world will suffer as much as the trolls.”
Andrew Doyle on “Free Speech And Why It Matters”

Marjorie Taylor Greene Feuds with Far-Left Hallmate: ‘There Are Two Genders… Trust the Science’

Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘There Are Two Genders… Trust the Science’

It’s a tragedy that there are disputes about  fundamental things.

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Compares the ‘Stigma’ of AIDS to Transgenderism

Sweden: Migrant-Background Rapists Make Up Majority of Attackers

“The West Stole….” what????

Stop it already! My head hurts!

Is ‘European Islam’ the future of Western Muslim identity?

The West “stole democracy”from the Arabs who never had it?

I won’t bore you with posting even a single sentence of this rubbish, but go ahead and read it if you must. We should hold the scribbler, a Mohammedan, in contempt and spit on the western Moonbats that take him seriously.

How Britain stole $45 trillion from India

And lied about it.