Great idea: lets delete Qur’an verses that spread terrorism!

Egypt’s Al-Sisi tells education ministry to delete Qur’an verses, hadiths from curricula: they help spread terrorism

Al-Sisi lives on borrowed time. Mohammedans don’t take such orders lightly. But why not go all the way & ban all Quran verses that exhort the believers to wage jihad on disbelievers?

Al-Sisi can acknowledge this, but no Western leader can. To do so would be “Islamophobic” and get him or her barraged with outrage from the establishment media and from Leftist and Islamic groups.

The question is whether there are any actual Qur’an verses and hadiths that spread terrorism. Click on the link above to find out.

Trump: ‘Biden Is Either Lying Or Mentally Gone’

“I’m the only one who gets impeached and my numbers go up. I mean figure that one out.”

Breaking a one month silence Wednesday, President Trump appeared on a number of cable news channels, hinting at a 2024 run, a potential launch of his own social media platform, and slamming Joe Biden for lying about the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

Biden admitted Tuesday night that he wakes up every day and asks where the hell he is, since moving into the White House.

Why Did CNN & NBC Both Pay Leftist Antifa Capital Rioter $35,000? Twice?

BLM agitator sold footage in which he vowed to ‘burn it down’

How charitable!

One thought on “Great idea: lets delete Qur’an verses that spread terrorism!”

  1. Bring back the inquisition, outlaw the english babble, the koran and the talmud, outlaw hinduism, buddhism, judaism, islamism, evangelism and heretical sects of christianity. Ban liberalism, libertarianism, cleptocracy, plutocracy, judeocracy and communist socialism. Bring back national socialism. Delete ius solis. Implement eugenics program. Make ancient Roman Catholicism the state religion after kicking francis out and weeding the globo homo judeophiliac cardinals and bishops. Ban rap, reggaeton, trap, and all sorts of degenerate black “music”. Nationalize social media. kick the chinese, indians, blacks, jews and muslims out. Sterilize those who can’t be deported. Sterilize abortionists. Cease every single relation with non Catholic counries, isolate them economically, culturally and technologically. Capital punishment for embezzling, spying, treason and murder. Implement Nuremberg style laws to access public posts. Destroy legislation privileging hose of “victim status”. Eliminate female vote. Only married and child rearing men can vote. 1 vote per household. Stop international aid. Protect local markets but tax exempt goods not produced locally until they can.

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