Ireland: Councillor from Belfast faces 5-year ban for criticizing Islam

Councillor Who Criticised Islam To Be Banned From Elections

An Independent Councillor from Belfast, who criticised Islam, could face up to a five-year ban from standing in future elections.

Jolene Bunting is an independent councillor from Belfast. She has been suspended, censored and is to potentially be banned from standing in future elections for up to 5 years.

Jolene has been labelled ‘far-right’ and a ‘racist’ and in a few weeks could potentially be banned from standing in future elections for standing up for her deeply Conservative – Christian beliefs.

This shocking string of events starts back in August 2018, when Jolene was suspended from council duties for four months while investigations were carried out into complaints about public statements she made about Islam.

“Diversity” in Londonistan

No western country or city must ever hand the reins of power to a Mohammedan culture enricher. To make Sadiq Khan mayor of London will accelerate Islamisation to the point of no return.

A taskforce set up to look at London’s statues, street names and memorials has been branded as a group of “loony, left-wing wheezes”.

The Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm was announced by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to help improve diversity in public spaces.

But Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg said it was wrong the group “should be inflicted upon our great metropolis.”

The mayor’s office said he made “no apology” for setting up the group.

Fifteen panellists, including actor Riz Ahmed, historian Sandy Nairne and chair of City Sikhs Jasvir Singh, make up the commission.

The mayor’s office said it will “review what currently makes up London’s public realm, discuss what legacies should be celebrated and make a series of recommendations” in order to improve diversity in the city.

The commission was mentioned in the House of Commons by Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell, who asked whether the leader of the house shared his worries about an “unelected activists being given the power to interfere with London street names and monuments.”

Mr Rees-Mogg replied he agreed with his concerns and accused the London mayor of being “Red Khan”.

“It is quite wrong that these loony left-wing wheezes should be inflicted upon our great metropolis, and I think the mayor in his zeal is potentially treading on the toes of councils anyway,” he said.

The MP for North East Somerset added the country should instead “celebrate and glory in our wonderful history and in the great heroes of our nation going back over centuries.”

Responding to the comments, a spokesperson for the mayor said Mr Khan “makes absolutely no apology for creating a commission to help ensure everyone can take pride in our city’s public landscape” and that the group will work with councils and partners “to ensure we tell the full story of our capital” in its public spaces.

“It’s a great pity that the minister seems to have no interest in that diverse history being told,” the spokesperson added.

5 thoughts on “Ireland: Councillor from Belfast faces 5-year ban for criticizing Islam”

  1. Crazy world. In France, LePen is on trrial for hate speech against the Islamic State. You can’t make this stuff up? It is so Orwellian.

    1. Macron of the Left is using the same dirty tricks against LePen as the communist Democrats in the US. They believe they are the state and they, only they, have a right to rule. So the vote is rigged, the law is perverted & the country goes down the drain.

    2. but IS wouln’t be on trial for trying to destroy civilization and burn people alive, or chop their heads off. would they? i would feel safer around LePen. wouldnt you?
      Getting rid of the treasonous London mayor would be a good first step.
      Doesnt matter who you vote far if the machines can have their ballots changed either locally or from CHINa or IRAN

  2. This why the RofP as been so quiet of late. They are using Hate Speech Laws to shut up people who disagree with them.
    Yet it is not that long ago when they the RofP was crying out for Shariah Law, openy demonstrating against returning soldiers peacefully marching through Barking, Holding up Placards, Saying “British Soldiers Burn in Hell”. Which our authorities ignored for fear of upsetting the RofP

  3. At the behest of ex-Muslims I started studying Islam and am shocked at what I have discovered . The fools that make this legislation know nothing about Islam. Islam is a cult not a religion. The Quran can justifiably be seen as a hate manual. All Muslims are purveyors of Shariah law. Shariah law breaks even the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is not racist to criticise dangerous cults. Islam’s aim is to destroy democracy. All citizen applicants should renounce Shariah law. Residency status only for refugees. Jolene Bunting is correct. Islam insults and blasphemes Christianity.

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