Megalomanic Merkel: “the Pandemic won’t end before everyone is vaccinated”

No different in the U.S., where the illegitimate POTUS, the dementia sufferer Biden parrots the same line:

In other news:

BREAKING: Dr. Fraudci Now Says COVID-19 Vaccine Will STOP Spread of Virus & Protect Those Who Are Unvaccinated, Reversing Position AGAIN!

Get up to speed on the Great Reset
By George Christensen MP
You’ve no doubt heard about the socialist-corporatist hybrid plan known as ‘the Great Reset’. The plan is being pushed by the World Economic Forum, run by James Bond villain lookalike Klaus Schwab (pictured above), and covers everything from the elimination of private property (for everyone but the corporations and oligarchs of course!) to the fusion of humanity with artificial intelligence. I kid you not.
In a recent Epoch Times opinion piece, it was pointed out that the imposition of the Great Reset – a major reworking of the global economic structure – would likely be done by force and centralised power. The writer said that:
“The last century has shown that centralized power always ends in totalitarianism sustained by violence. Every nation that has adopted this model of amoral governance has ended in poverty, tyranny, or both. Think the Soviet Union, Cambodia, China, and Cuba. There are no exceptions. If the WEF does away with prescriptive moral principles, the results will be no different.”
On Sky News, Rowan Dean has been warning of this for some time, stating that the Great Reset was really just a plan by the new oligarchs to “control every aspect of our lives”. Similarly, former Senator Cory Bernardi, now also a Sky News host, has warned that the Great Reset is really a plan by “leftist elites” who want to dictate how you live your life.
It is not just folks from the Right saying that the Great Reset plan will make for a frightening future. Well-known identities from the Left such as Naomi Klein and Russell Brand have criticised the Great Reset, with Klein labelling it “insidious”.
Everyone must get up to speed with this globalist plan that seeks to fuse socialism and corporatism and embed it permanently into our economy and society. If you’re up for it, read this five-part primer on the Great Reset by the Mises Institute (with options to listen to some of the articles as well):
What Is the Great Reset? Part I: Reduced Expectations and Bio-techno-feudalism;
The Great Reset, Part II: Corporate Socialism;
The Great Reset, Part III: Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics;
The Great Reset, Part IV: “Stakeholder Capitalism” vs. “Neoliberalism”; and
The United Nations and the Origins of “The Great Reset”.
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  1. In a public speech Klaus Schwab says I am a Nazis, my family were always Nazis and i have other Nazis Like Suckerberg and Sandbeg who back me 100%.

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