SH*t show over: #Trump acquitted. Keep your eyes on the Biden Crime Family

“You can’t convict a president of inciting a spontaneous attack when it was clearly planned in advance”

The circus is coming to an end. The janitors are cleaning up and the staff is taking down the tents. The clowns, however, are still doing cartwheels and somersaults, hoping to justify the time and expense of putting on this big ridiculous hoopla #SenateImpeachmentTrial

Why is mainstream media covering up the Andrew Cuomo nursing home scandal?

If Democrats were honest about using impeachment to remove corrupt officials, they need look no further than Cuomo who hid COVID nursing home death count. .

Trumps acquitted…again. Another sham impeachment ends in acquittal. Here’s a prediction: the 2024 Republican candidate will be from the Trump wing of the party if not Trump himself.
Let the memes flow.