China: Questioning W.H.O. Report on Coronavirus Is ‘Blasphemy’

There is no religion, the state is supreme.

Opposing the state is indeed blasphemy in a communist nation.

Communism is a religious cult. The ChiComs just confirmed it. Fact is that for decades they’ve been prosecuting all religions that could threaten the regime.

BEIJING, CHINA - MARCH 31: Head of the Expert Group on Covid Response at China's National Health Commission Liang Wannian (C) answers a question during a press conference at the National Health Committee on March 31, 2021 in Beijing, China. The Chinese COVID-19 response team held a press conference to …

China’s top epidemiologist on Wednesday dismissed doubts over the validity of the World Health Organization’s (W.H.O.) new report on the origins of the Chinese coronavirus as “blasphemy.”

“[T]he report was compiled by scientists who carried out a real investigation in Wuhan, and if anyone for purely political purposes throws mud at this report, it will be pathetic, and ‘even a blasphemy for science,’” Zeng Guang, the chief epidemiologist for China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told the Global Times on Wednesday.

The report from the corrupt W.H.O. is holy scripture? I thought it was going to be based on science. Did the W.H.O. send priests to conduct the investigation?

Ricky Gervais on Muhammad cartoon controversy: ‘Blasphemy? F***ing Blasphemy? It’s 2021 for f***s sake.’

Pakistan: Sunni Muslim hacks Shi’ite scholar to death over allegations of ‘blasphemy’

“If you want to know about Islam, Do not talk to Muslims”

Islam: Western Leaders Are Well Deceived

British Prime Ministers Blair and Cameron were both advised by the smooth-talking serial liar Tariq Ramadan. He is the likely source of their bold confident statements on Islam, which, though made with a great air of authority, are hopelessly erroneous. The West’s politicians, of course, as Pat Condell observes, are all Islamic scholars: “They are, aren’t they?”

“After every atrocity committed in the name of Islam,” said Geert Wilders, “Barack Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel and my own Prime Minister [Rutte] rush to the television cameras to declare that these acts have nothing to do with Islam.

“How stupid do they think we are?”

Jamie Glazov, in Jihadist Psychopath, writes, “Some kind of “pressure” is in the air — a pressure that ensures that after every jihadist attack, we call the attack everything but what it actually is. We are to ascribe many different motives to the perpetrators, except the very motives that they themselves have candidly identified.”

A commenter, CogitoErgoSum, observes, “Seems to me that… all of the leaders in the West are practicing wishful thinking. These people are hoping that if they repeat something often enough it will become accepted by the masses.”

David Wood complains, “The only response… is to say, over and over again, that real Islam promotes peace and tolerance… Hence, what British leaders are doing is actually worse than doing nothing. They are actively protecting and promoting the ideology that calls for the violence.”

More from the Gates of Vienna

Report: Iran-Backed Houthi Rebels Exile the Last Three Jewish Families in Yemen

Iran-Backed Houthi Rebels Exile the Last Three Jewish Families in Yemen

Islamic antisemitism is alive and well among all too many Muslims, and it drives continuing acts of violence against and hostility toward Jews. Can anyone imagine any Western country deporting innocent Muslims only because they are Muslims? Of course not. But the Houthis get away with it, while Islamic supremacists are busy screaming “Islamophobia” everywhere….

The writing was on the wall for a long time. All minorities in Moslem countries suffer the same fate. Like the Sikhs:

Sikhs in Muslim countries: Attacked, abducted, discriminated against and dying out

The Green party funds Europe’s largest mosque

The Greens will not destroy the roots of trees, but are perfectly willing to destroy the roots of European civilization. Op-ed.

As Oriana Fallaci’s lawyer Gilles William Goldnadel wrote, “it is the same morbid desire to eradicate our roots/” Not of the trees, but of Europe itself.

Sharia With Alcohol – When Will It Be Legal?

Breweries Bag Highest Taxpayer Award

23 Countries Join W.H.O. to Propose Worldwide ‘Pandemic Treaty’

The slowdown will be applied to all mobile devices, Russian authorities said [File: Mike Blake/Reuters]

Authorities say Twitter failed to delete posts it said illegally urged children to take part in anti-gov’t rallies.

UK: Cartoon Rage Continues

Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill says a school in Britain has “capitulated to religious extremists” in issuing a public apology to Muslim protestors over a teacher who showed his class a cartoon of Muhammad.

Cartoons: UK Muslims Demand Respect, Threaten Violence…

That’s what Mohammedans have been doing for 1400 years. Curiously, no one seems to have learned a thing. Except for the Chinese. They know how to deal with Mohammedans.

Ricky Gervais on Muhammad cartoon controversy: ‘Blasphemy? F***ing Blasphemy? It’s 2021 for f***s sake.’

Get used to it, Ricky. The British intelligentsia has sold you out. The British intelligentsia has betrayed Britain as a free society for fear of being called “racist.” If you speak out against this too much now, you’ll be targeted as an “Islamophobe” and your career will be ruined. Fall into line behind the others, there’s a good lad.

Gervais doesn’t understand that Muslims are a PROTECTED VICTIM GROUP and they may never be criticized according to the Left.

Doesn’t Gervais know??? … even when Muslims commit mass murders … it is the fault of white male conservatives.

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How Mohammedans Exploit the Halal Racket for the Jihad

It is just amazing how these crooks are exploiting the ignorance & the good-naturedness of the hated disbelievers. Mohammedans have no religious requirements when it comes to food. The food of Christians & Jews is generally permissible with the exception of pork & alcohol.  All a Moslem has to do is say “bismillah” and the grub is halal.

More here & here.

In a Brisbane immigration detention centre, this refugee says he struggles to access halal food
In a Brisbane immigration detention centre, this refugee says he struggles to access halal food.
This Afghan Muselmaniac is unassimilable, undesirable and in no way in need of refuge. His home is Afghanistan & he should be shipped back there asap.

A refugee in Brisbane immigration detention has shed light on his living conditions and accused the government of failing to provide sufficient halal food to Muslim detainees. 

The Afghan refugee, who is referred to in court documents by a pseudonym, was transferred to Australia for medical treatment under the now-repealed Medevac legislation after spending years detained in Papua New Guinea. 

In an affidavit filed in the Federal Circuit Court earlier this month, and seen by SBS News, he says he has not received appropriate medical treatment and his symptoms have worsened since arriving on the mainland.

Australia: Three Muslims admit plotting jihad massacre for ‘advancement of Islam through violence’

Wait a minute here. Pope Francis told me that authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Qur’an reject every form of violence. He must be right, no? So how did Ertunc and Samed Eriklioglu and Hanifi Halis get the crazy idea that they could or should advance Islam through violence?

India: Four recent incidents of Muslims spitting on food of non-Muslims, one said he’d been doing it for years


Jihad contamination and poisoning attempts are not new. In India in 2019, Muslims plotted to poison food offered in a Hindu temple that is consumed by at least 40,000 devotees. Al-Qaeda has long considered the contamination of food as a jihad mass murder tactic. And in 2017, the Islamic State called on Muslims to poison food in Western supermarkets.


Covid is the ultimate scam for NWO creeps

24 World Leaders Call For More Globalism In Wake Of Pandemic

Health crisis used to tout “global community” as replacement for “nationalism”


Twenty four world leaders have signed a letter calling for more globalism to combat future pandemics, citing the the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to consign nationalism to the dustbin of history.

UK prime minister Boris Johnson, German chancellor Angela Merkel, and French president Emmanuel Macron are the leading figures behind the pledge, with 21 other heads of state signing the letter.

It states that “nobody is safe until everyone is safe,” and that a “global community” must be further implemented in order to combat ‘inevitable’ future pandemics.

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Bloomberg Op-Ed: “We Must Start Planning for a Permanent Pandemic”

“Endless cycle” of restrictions will remain.

Fraudci Was Wrong. Free States Fared Better than Authoritarian States Run by Tyrannical Leftists

Joe Biden is on TV right now asking all governors to reinstate mask mandates.

Erdogan Allures

Erdoganistan: The New Islamic Superpower?

by Giulio Meotti  •  March 28, 2021 at 5:00 am

  • Erdogan was promoting his global campaign of victimization by “Islamophobia”, while in fact it is the critics of extremist Islam who are in danger and frequently killed.

  • In the Caucasus, Turkey has just supported the Azerbaijani war against Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh in order to create a Turkish Islamic corridor between Azerbaijan, Turkey and other Muslim countries.

  • “It began in 1989 with the fatwa against Salman Rushdie: no Western country reacted except with words – as if they thought a verbal spell might work!…. The battle lost in Armenia is the first of a war waged in the West against the Judeo-Christian civilization”. — Michel Onfray, Reveue des deux mondes, February 1, 2021.

  • While the new sultan extends his influence to Syria, Libya and the Caucasus, he also extends it to the Mediterranean. For pacifist Europe, that sea only exists when it comes to bringing in migrants.

  • “What the Turkish regime is doing is using its diaspora as a Trojan horse.” — Michel Sifaoui, europe1.fr, February 7, 2021.

  • In Turkey under Erdogan, school textbooks have been rewritten to refer to Jews and Christians as gavur, “infidels.” Earlier Turkish textbooks referred to the members of the two religions as the “people of the Book”…. The curriculum adopts an anti-American stance, and shows sympathy for the motives of ISIS and al-Qaeda. — Report by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se), March 2021.

  • “We are a large family of 300 million people from the Adriatic to the Great Wall of China”. — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Minval.az, October 18, 2018.

Europe, the US, NATO and the Free World might start worrying. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems aiming to be the new Islamist wolf in sheep’s clothing. Pictured: Erdogan speaking in Ankara on September 17, 2020. (Photo by Adem Altan/AFP via Getty Images)


“It was a very special day, July 24 [2020],” said France’s leading expert on Islam, Gilles Kepel.

“It was pilgrimage time to Mecca and, due to the pandemic, no one was there! It was the anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne, the origin of modern Turkey within its current borders. Erdogan was about to twist the arm of the secular Ataturk, who had turned the old Hagia Sophia basilica into a museum that he had donated ‘to humanity’. Erdogan… turned it back into a mosque”.

This was the moment, remarked Kepel – who just published a new book, “Le Prophète et la Pandémie” [“The Prophet and the Pandemic“] — that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan became the new leader of the umma, or global Islamic community. “Erdogan is trying to appear as the champion of Islam, just like Ayatollah Khomenei in 1989”.

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Jihad in Boulder Colorado and… who was Mohammad Anwar?

Barely anyone has heard of Mohammad Anwar, but everyone in America has heard of George Floyd. There’s a reason for that.

Why does the FBI seem to know about every mass shooter ahead of time?

Why do I need a passport to leave the USA when illegal Aliens don’t need one to enter?

It’s not our “patriotic duty” to wear a mask, it’s our patriotic duty to fight back

At last: the famous “backlash”, here it comes!

Boulder: Muslim community fears ‘backlash’ after jihad massacre

Here we go yet again. This is how this narrative, which we see after every jihad massacre, works. When Muslims murder infidels, Muslims are the victims. Any measures taken in the wake of the jihad massacre to prevent Muslims from massacring infidels in the future is a sign of “collective punishment” and “Islamophobia.”

Who was Mohammad Anwar?

“Mohammad Anwar died and two girls black bitches, ages 13 and 15, face felony murder charges after police say the girls carjacked the man near Nationals Park on Tuesday, used a stun gun against him and caused the car to flip,” NBC reported.

Police said the girls, 13 and 15, assaulted an Uber Eats driver with a Taser while carjacking him, which led to an accident in which he was fatally injured.

Victim Blaming’: D.C. Mayor Tweets Tips On Preventing Auto Theft Following Mohammad Anwar’s Murder

On Sunday, rather than condemning the teens, the Mayor tweeted a video from the Metropolitan Police Department, providing tips on preventing auto thefts.

A legal Paki immigrant was murdered in DC and the horrific video of the attack went viral yesterday Not one of the #StopAsianHate promoters even mentioned it. No major brands announced they were donating to his family’s fundraiser. All  because it does not fit the narrative.

When the suspect in a crime is NOT white, nor fits the woke crowd’s narrative, they don’t care about it. It’s not a thing.

Boulder Shooter Allegedly Laughed While Killing Innocents

Yet they’ll refuse to cover this for what it is… a hate crime against whites…

Suspected Boulder gunman Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa allegedly laughed as he moved through grocery store Monday, firing rounds and killing innocents, according to a local news report.

Fox 35 Orlando reports Angelina Romero-Chavez was in the grocery store’s deli when the attack began. She said, “We could hear a man chuckling. Gunshots were close. We believe it was him chuckling.”

Islamic Terror in Mozambique


British ex-cop grabs AK-47 and kills two ISIS Islamists to escape five-day assault on Mozambique gas city: Another Briton is killed and others missing as jihadis seize town and behead victims

  • Dozens of people have been killed in a five-day assault on Palma, Mozambique  
  • Nick Alexander gunned down two militants after his convoy was ambushed
  • Philip Mawer from Somerset is among dozens of expats missing after the attack 
  • Thousands of people have been evacuated from the town near a major gas works

An ex-police officer shot dead two militants after breaking into a government vehicle and grabbing an AK-47 as he escaped an ISIS massacre in Mozambique.

Nick Alexander, a dual British-South African citizen, was rescued on Sunday having spent two nights crawling through the bush after his convoy fleeing a hotel in Palma was ambushed.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on Monday and announced they had seized the coastal town after days of fighting, the terrorist group said in a statement on its Telegram channels. 


The jihadis in Mozambique have declared that they want to impose Sharia. If they get hold of these gas developments, they could have plenty of money to finance their jihad for years to come. “Mozambique military launches offensive after ISIL attack,” Al Jazeera,

“Al-Shabab fired on civilians in their homes and on the streets in Palma, as they tried to flee for their lives,” said Dewa Mavhinga, Southern Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “Mozambican authorities should move swiftly to protect civilians and bring all those responsible for abuses to account.”

Mozambique: Islamic State jihadis ransack town near gas developments worth $60,000,000,000

Islamic militants terrorists continued their sixth straight day of fighting against the Mozambican army Monday for control of the strategic northern town of Palma, as reports came in that dozens of civilians have been killed and bodies were littering the streets.
Islamic Extremists Unleash Ongoing Brutal Attack Killing Dozens in Northern Mozambique Town

Islamic Extremists Devout Muslims Unleash Ongoing Brutal Attack Killing Dozens in Northern Mozambique Town

Jihadists continued their sixth straight day of fighting against the Mozambican army Monday for control of the strategic northern town of Palma, as reports came in that dozens of civilians have been killed and bodies were littering the streets. 

Thousands were estimated to be missing from the town, which held about 70,000 people before the attack began last Wednesday.

The fate of scores of foreign energy workers was also unknown.

Some of the dead had been beheaded, according to Human Rights Watch. An attempt by expatriate workers to flee to safety came under heavy fire, causing many deaths, according to local reports. 
More below the fold.

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UK Cartoon Rage: Koranimals Want to See Blood

Teacher tells father of fears for his life over Prophet Muhammad row

Teacher tells father of fears for his life over Prophet Muhammad row

‘My son fears he will be murdered’: Father of blasphemy row RE teacher says he can never return to his old life after death threats over Prophet Muhammad lesson – and says school has thrown him under a bus

  • Batley Grammar School RE teacher sparked outrage among Muslim parents when he allegedly showed pupils a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad 
  • Crowds of angry Muslims gathered at the school gates last week as the teacher was suspended and the school was shut down before Easter 
  • Headteacher Gary Kibble apologised to parents for the ‘inappropriate’ use of the cartoons, taken from the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo
  • But now the teacher’s father has slammed the school and insisted the lesson was authorised by the school as part of the curriculum
  • The teacher himself has told his father he will never feel comfortable setting foot in Batley or the classroom again after gangs of men went to his home 

Charlie Hebdo

The father of the RE teacher at the centre of a blasphemy row after allegedly showing students a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad fears says his son fears he will be murdered and will never be able to return to his old life.

The teacher, in his 20s, who is not being named, has gone into hiding with his partner after receiving death threats.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, his father said: ‘My son keeps breaking down crying and says that it’s all over for him. 

He is worried that he and his family are all going to be killed.

‘He knows that he’s not going to be able to return to work or live in Batley. It’s just going to be too dangerous for him and his family.

‘Look what happened to the teacher in France who was killed for doing the same thing. Eventually they will get my son and he knows this. His whole world has been turned upside down. He’s devastated and crushed. 

‘When he starts speaking, he just breaks down and cries. He’s become an emotional wreck.

‘He feels that everything is broken and to be honest, it’s hard to console him at the moment because that is the truth.’

The Batley Grammar School teacher sparked fury by allegedly showing pupils cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a RE lesson. Pictured: Protesters outside the school on Friday

It prompted a wave of protests last week with those taking part in a prayer outside the school in Batley, West Yorkshire. The school was shut down and the unnamed teacher was suspended

It prompted a wave of protests last week with those taking part in a prayer outside the school in Batley, West Yorkshire. The school was shut down and the unnamed teacher was suspended 

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So much stupid & no end in sight

First, it was “racist” math. That was just the beginning. Cancel culture doesn’t just stop.

Oxford University May Scrap Sheet Music for Being Complicit in ‘White Supremacy’

HUDDERSFIELD, ENGLAND - MARCH 04: A musician holds their sheet music as they wait to perform at Huddersfield Town Hall during the Yorkshire regional finals of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain on March 4, 2018 in Huddersfield, England. Over fifty brass bands competed at the event at …

The University of Oxford is considering proposals that would remove sheet music from its curriculum over woke claims that teaching the Western form of musical notation has roots in “colonialism” and “complicity in white supremacy”.

In response to widespread Black Lives Matter protesters and riots last year in the United Kingdom, music educators at Oxford University have joined the wider iconoclastic movement which has been sweeping through British academia.