Kamala sez “220 Million Americans Died…”

…and Antifa is “just an idea”, right?

Antifa set a federal facility on fire last night with people inside it. Have you seen this headline on the news today?

Portland: Antifa Renews Attacks on Federal Courthouse

Kameltoe: 220 million Americans died in the last couple of months?

The Swamp didn’t get drained, but the water got low enough for us to see all the hideous creatures residing within.

Big Tech-Mainstream Media Collusion:

YouTube Blacklists 30,000 Videos It Claims Are Vax ‘Misinformation’

Establishment Media to Congress: Give Us a Handout to Stop ‘Misinformation’

Video: Liberation Theology Merging With Black Lives Matter

A lethal front of the communist coup in America.


Sadiq Khan Admits Streets of London ‘Not Safe’ for Women

U.N. Can Save the World! Demands Billions More to Tackle Famine, Plague, War, Climate, and Coronavirus

One thought on “Kamala sez “220 Million Americans Died…””

  1. Really? Is that why housing prices are through the roof and not just because of the massive increase in the cost of building materials?
    There are shortages at the grocery every week and there are no more open plots of land left for McMansions.
    End of the line for rainbow stew bubble up happytalk Benetton utopia fairy tales and we have the most clueless feckless garbage ruling class in human history at the helm.
    It isn’t ending well.

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