Cancel Culture, Wokeism, Fraudci & Allahuakbar

Dr. Anthony Fauci: I Do Not Think We’ll Be Back to Normal by March 2022

Fauci Gonna Fauci:
Sez No Back to Normal by March 2022

Amazon Quietly Changed Its Content Policy to Include ‘Hate Speech’ Ban


One thought on “Cancel Culture, Wokeism, Fraudci & Allahuakbar”

  1. Carny world! Clown car cavalcade circus of commies!
    These enlightened evolved beings will build the Wakanda.
    Yes we can.
    Infiltrated and destroyed from within and Hussein the immaculate imam purged the military.
    They will be used to round up the gunners and non-vaxxers.
    It was a good run for awhile but out loud comparisons to Rome ceased in November 2020.
    Maybe there will be a face mask or fast food wrapper fossil around the Ozymandias sign.

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