Corrupt FBI Director Chris Wray Denies ANTIFA Terror

BLM & Antifa made a mockery of America’s rule of law last summer. Cities burned while corrupt politicians cowered to the mob.

Wray is a swamp rat. He called ANTIFA “just an idea”.

The FBI is totally corrupt. Wray is worse than Comey.

Cruz asking Wray about leftwing violence. Important to note FBI has a sprawling investigation dedicated solely to January 6 but not into Antifa.

Chris Wray is lying when he claims the first murder by a violent anarchist was just last year Antifa supporter Connor Betts committed a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio killing 9 and injuring 17 more in 2019

FBI Director Chris Wray Tells Congress Antifa Not Involved in Capitol Hill Riots, After FBI Literally Arrests Antifa Leader, John Sullivan, for Participating in Capitol Hill Riots

Dick Durbin is another swamp rat who supports Antifa.