Lockdown Forever! Plus White Babies and Toddlers Are Racist

Biden should have removed Dr. Fraudci, not Dr. Seuss. He has them mixed up.

Why is a song called “Wet A** P***y” not considered inappropriate but Dr. Seuss is?

I want reparations for the stolen election.

Does anybody really believe Q “militia groups” were plotting to breach the Capitol today?

Fraudci stays the course:

Judicial Watch & Daily Caller News Foundation have obtained 301 pages of emails of Dr. Fauci showing that NIH officials tailored confidentiality forms to help China control information about COVID-19.

6 Percent of Released Migrants in Texas Border City Test Positive for COVID-19

That must be the Biden variety, you know, the one that’s good for ya…

The culture war just cancelled coloured people:

Democrats voted to eliminate state voter ID laws and enable ballot harvesting. They pretty much guaranteed a fixed election from now on. They saw how well they “fortified” the 2020 election and decided to make it permanent. The Republic is gone.

Arizona Department of Education Teaches that White Babies and Toddlers Are Racist

If this continues, and it will, the blacks will do us a favour when they murder us in the streets.

Nigeria: States Shut Down Schools as Jihadist Abduction Wave Continues

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  1. Yeah, you gotta watch out for those babies. They might say “nigger” right out of the womb.

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