France to punish ex-generals for Islamist ‘civil war’ letter

No dissent allowed. Population replacement is a done deal. The “Great Reset” must not be threatened by a bunch of retired generals. The cabal will see to it that all dissenters are punished.

  • Paris: Retired and serving French soldiers are meant to stay out of politics (Photo: cedric.chan)

France is preparing to punish ex-generals and acting offers who signed a letter warning of a civil war with Islamists.

“These are unacceptable actions … There will be consequences, naturally,” the French defence minister, Florence Parly, said on France Info radio on Monday (26 April).

“The military are not there to campaign, but to defend France and protect the French,” she added.

“For those who have violated the duty of reserve, sanctions are planned, and if there are active soldiers among the signatories, I asked the chief of staff of the armed forces to apply the rules,” Parly said.

According to French law, retired officers could lose their ranks and pensions if they violated their duties.

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Covid Terror & Free-Speech-Phobia

Sky News Australia

 ‘White’ content is ‘supremacist’ in all its forms, while Hizb-ut Tahrir is welcome on Fakebook] Censorship is ‘going crazy’ and is ‘almost exclusively’ pushed by the left: Bolt (Sky News Australia)

Only ‘Marxist sociologists’ could think of a jargon word as ugly as ‘intersectionality’

UK Hiring COVID Marshals to Patrol Streets Until 2023 Despite Lockdown Restrictions Supposedly Ending in June

Hint: They’re not ending in June.

Government councils in the UK are hiring COVID Marshals to patrol streets from July until the end of 2023, despite the fact that all lockdown restrictions are supposed to end in June.

Merkel’s Germany:

Oppose the “Great Reset” & we will prosecute you as a “Domestic Terrorist”


Germany’s domestic spy agency is monitoring anti-lockdown protesters, claiming they are potentially involved in a plot to subvert the country.

According to a Reuters report, the BfV spy agency is concerned that the demonstrations are being used as a cover for far-right extremists and people who believe in “conspiracy theories” about COVID-19 to incite violence.


Merkel’s Stasi Tactics: Pro-US “PI-News” under Surveillance for Criticizing Islam

The German secret police are now surveilling leading pro-USA website PI-News for the crime of criticizing Islam and mass migration, as anti-American “Spiegel” magazine was happy to report.

Cop Suspended Without Pay For Mocking NBA Star LeBron James In Viral Video - The Police Tribune

You’re not allowed to mock a millionaire ball-tosser:

Cop Suspended Without Pay For Mocking NBA Star LeBron James In Viral Video 

The Police Tribune

Belleview, ID – A Belleview deputy marshal has been suspended without pay after who mocking NBA star LeBron James in a TikTok video that quickly went viral. Belleview Deputy Marshal Nate Silvester posted the footage to the video-sharing app on April 22, just one day after the Los Angeles Lakers st…

The FBI is now the GESTAPO of the Democrat Party

The raid on Rudy Giuliani is despicable.The Biden regime succeeded in a bloodless coup by stealing the election. Now they’re terrorising the opposition just like in the days of Hussein Obama.

“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals” -Edward Snowden

#Trump’s biggest failure was not to punish the criminal DemRats.

These same criminals are now out in force punishing #Trump loyalists.

Carlson Rips Media for Response to Presidential Address — Committed ‘a Series of Symbolic Sex Acts’ on Biden

Mission accomplished.

The news media doesn’t care. They don’t listen to him. They have no interest in what Joe Biden says. They got him elected. He’s their guy and that’s that.

Commie Terror in Canuckistan

Arrest warrant issued for Canadian pastor permitting police do ‘anything necessary’ to arrest him for restriction violations

“They want me in jail. They want to arrest us only because we dare to worship our God, and we want to do it in peace,” Pawlowski, who grew up behind the Iron Curtain in Poland, said about the situation. “They’re coming very heavy. They’re bringing documents, they’re bringing SWAT team. They’re bringing health inspectors, police officers, and bylaw officers.” Continue reading Commie Terror in Canuckistan

UK: they’ll fit in perfectly

UK: Muslim migrant family has two brothers who fought for ISIS, four other jailed jihadis

No effort was made when this family entered Britain to determine what it thought about jihad, Sharia, and the like. That would have been “Islamophobic.” But avoiding charges of “Islamophobia” comes at an increasingly steep price. “Is this Britain’s most dangerous family?

UK: Muslim was ‘Islamic enforcer’ in prison, was released, murdered two in jihad rampage at deradicalization event

Paki Khan calls for Muslim countries to impose trade boycotts to force West to criminalize criticism of Islam

This guy’s not ageing well.

Authorities Intercept 375 Illegal Aliens Crossing English Channel in One Day, Highest Daily Attempts This Year

Authorities Intercept 375 Illegal Aliens Crossing English Channel, Highest Daily Attempts This Year

“Intercept” means they welcomed them and catered to their every needs.

Pope Francis denounces deaths of illegal Muslim migrants in Mediterranean as ‘shameful’

The commie pope. Always signalling virtue with other peoples money.

UK: Trucker who had arm broken by illegal Muslim migrants jailed for carrying pepper spray and stun gun

Britain under sharia law. This is the result.

WATCH: Christian Pastor Arrested in London for Quoting ‘Homophobic’ Bible Verses

Londonistan: Pastor Arrested in for Quoting ‘Homophobic’ Bible Verses

It’s getting crazier by the day. 

It’s official; Britain is no longer a free country. In no free country is a Christian pastor hauled off to spend a night in jail for preaching from the Bible.

Via Daily Mail:

John Sherwood, 71, was led away in handcuffs, questioned in a police station and held overnight after being accused of making homophobic comments outside Uxbridge Station in west London.

Italian Migrant Shelter Founded by Priest Helps Migrants Cross into France

Italian Migrant Shelter Founded by Priest Helps Migrants Cross into France

That priest should face the firing squad for treason.

Afghanistan: 20 Muslims killed or injured as bomb explodes inside mosque


Beautiful. Just beautiful.



Alan Jones on Creepy Joe Biden

Cutting edge journalism from Biden propagandist Weijia Jiang:

Picture of the Day

There’s no problem so bad that the government can’t complicate it further. ~ Ronald Reagan


France: Zemmour Says Mohammedanism Causes Jihad

France: Zemmour: Immigration is Linked to Jihadism, And Those Claiming Otherwise Are Taking People for Fools

Following the fatal stabbing of a French policewoman by a Tunisian migrant, a debate is raging over the link between immigration and jihadism

“Islamism” & jihadism” are silly words. In reality is that there are large numbers of Mohammedans who believe Islamic law must rule the world. All of them are undesirable & unassimilable. The only solution to the invasion is remigration, no matter what the cost.

The fatal stabbing of female police officer Stephanie Monferme in a police station in Rambouillet, south of Paris by a Tunisian man last week, cannot be qualified as a “terrorist attack” but is instead linked to jihadism, which is in turn linked to mass immigration, said French author and philosopher Eric Zemmour on the popular political talk show of French TV channel CNews.

“This is not terrorism in the traditional sense of the PLO or the Red Brigades. This is Jihadism. Since 1995, there have been 271 victims of so-called ‘terrorism’. Ninety-nine percent of the perpetrators are immigrants. All of them are Muslims. When someone says that these terrorist attacks have nothing to do with immigration, they regard their audience as fools. This is unheard of, and incoherent both in the political and ideological sense,” Zemmour said. “In reality, we are living the consequences of a never-before-seen immigration in human history.”

In other news:

French Investigators Find Child Porn Migrant Cop Killer’s Phone

French investigators have found child abuse images on one of the mobile phones used by the Tunisian migrant who murdered a female police officer last week.

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French Parliament Stunned: “Your Immigration Policy Has A Price In BLOOD”

France & the Great Replacement

Muslims put the French & the rest of the free world on notice: if you insult Muhammad, Islam, their holy books, or fail to consider Islamic law in all things, we will harm you

They have successfully imposed sharia & silenced an entire national culture

Conquered: Evian Apologizes For Mentioning Water During Ramadan

With the enemy already inside the gates; many Americans & Europeans seem unaware that there is even a threat.

Logic of the religious & political community seems to be that if the elephant in the room is spoken to nicely & made to look sweet, people will not think of it as a threat.

The anti-India international left-wing media is trying to spread Covid hysteria to once again undermine Modi and Hindus.

These same leftist activist media outlets are targeting all western nations. Next they will be preaching Climate Lockdowns.

I stand proudly stand with India.

‘The Great Replacement’:

EU Releases Image Of The Next Generation of Europeans In the upcoming decades, Europe will no longer belong to Europeans; it will be unrecognizable 


Death by Firing Squad

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

MOROCCO upholds death sentence for Muslims who raped and beheaded two young Scandinavian tourists

MOROCCO upholds death sentence for Muslims who raped and beheaded two young Scandinavian tourists

RAIR Foundation  Three Muslim terrorists who filmed themselves beheading and raping two female backpackers in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco have lost their appeal and will be executed by firing squad.