It’s “Wokeism” now. And it’s all about the REVOLUTION

Excellent summary of how the Frankfurt School’s ideas are destroying the West

Hilton: Americans must ‘unite,’ ‘fight back’ against ‘wokeism’

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Add to this Bill Whittle’s amazing video from 15 years ago or so, Stephen Coughlin’s brilliant paper on Leftist tactics, and the simple phrases: “With the left, the point is never the point. The Revolution is ALWAYS the point, and that the only metric that is actually in play today is that if it assists the revolution it is to be lauded, encouraged, and amplified. Even if the actions are illegal. But if it is a counter-revolutionary idea, it is to be crushed, accused of racism, white supremacy or any other attack term whether it applies or not. Or even if the actions and words are legal. In fact its better if it is, because the revolution requires an overhaul of the system, making illegal what is central to our constitutional freedoms, and making legal the things which we find anathema. Freedom of speech must be crushed, but the state, mutilating and sterilizing children too young to have a beer or get a tattoo, without their parents knowledge or consent in the name of transgender rights, that’s to be made immutable. In fact its now a crime to try and talk a child out of these procedures under the new deceptively named, “conversion therapy” ban.

Youtube has now for ‘some reason’, age restricted the Bill Whittle video. This probably means you have to sign in to see it, which means Google has to know who watches it. This video was fine for over a decade on Youtube without any restrictions. If this isn’t Orwell, what is. Below, the same video with no need to announce yourself as a counter-revolutionary before you watch it.

One thought on “It’s “Wokeism” now. And it’s all about the REVOLUTION”

  1. The Long March of the faculty lounge.
    Stupid college punks who cannot create but only destroy.
    High on their own press clippings with delusions of masters of the universe status.
    Burn it all down by any means necessary is their religion and they have a zeal for destroying Western Civilization forever.
    Branch Covidian is the gift that keeps on going for the totalitarian true believers.
    It’s gonna work this time because human nature is a construct of the white male capitalist pig patriarchy.
    Forward! The Great Reset Leap Forward.

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