“Lets be more confrontational…”

Ben Shapiro says he’s getting calls from police departments, heads of unions all over including LAPD saying their officers plan to leave…

Outdoor Dining in New York City

Has Biden’s race war started yet?

NYC: BLM Protester Rages Against ‘F**king Taquería Owned by F**king White Men’

If the racial scapegoating and intolerance is this bad while whites are still a majority, imagine what it will be like when Democrats achieve the majority minority objective that they openly long for and that is the purpose of their immigration and welfare policy.

Derek Chauvin Found Guilty on all Counts in Death of George Floyd

Derek Chauvin Guilty on All Three Charges: 2nd, 3rd Degree Murder; 2nd Degree Manslaughter

The Nazi Party had the Gestapo. The Communist Party in East Germany had the Stasi. The Communist Party in the Soviet Union had the KGB. The Democrat Party has the FBI

WATCH: ‘They Shoot Us, We Shoot Them,’ Columbus Protester Tells Cops

Biden: “Who needs 20 rounds in their guns?”

Me: “Who needs 25,000 armed troops and miles of metal fencing for their inauguration?”