Educaishon Matters!

One of the greatest threats to America is the fact that our schools are not teaching the next generation:

1) morals

2) American Exceptionalism

3) free enterprise

4) The Constitution

5) the dangers of socialism

6) the value of hard work

7) History

I truly fear for the future.

White Trash Matters

The stupid is so thick you can cut it with a knife in this pic:

Nation’s largest defense contractor sent execs on a retreat to atone for their ‘white male privilege’

Lockheed Martin, the nation’s largest and most prominent defense contractor, reportedly had white male executives undergo a diversity training program last year intended to help them atone for their “white male privilege,” according to filmmaker and journalist Christopher Rufo.

‘The Most Dangerous Thing for Our Military Is Wokeness’

I’m still confused about the Biden regime spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in “Covid Aid” to research gender studies in Pakistan?

Can anyone help me understand how those two things are connected?

“We have ways to get you vaxxed”

“Vaccine hesitancy verboten!”