Have you ever been radicalized by a cartoon?

Picture of the Day

“The synagogues are part of Palestinian history that dates back to thousands of years”

“Palestinian history?” “Thousands of years?” They know that they’re lying. But it doesn’t matter. History is whatever Mohammedans want it to be.

House passes bill stopping any future president from imposing ‘travel ban on the basis of religion’

U.S. Catholic Bishops Urge Biden’s Handlers to Bring In More ‘Refugees’

Is it greed? Is it stupidity? Is it only misguided do-gooderism? The damage these fools are inflicting on their own society is irreversible.

My latest in PJ Media: After coming under withering criticism from their far-left, open-borders base, Old Joe Biden’s handlers announced Friday that next month, they will increase the number of “refugees” that the United States will take in. Some of that criticism came from the Catholic Church, of which Old Joe claims to be a devout adherent, […]

India: Hindu priest says ‘no difference between Islam and Islamic radicalism,’ Muslims call for his beheading

We’ve been saying this here on this blog from Day One. Keep the death threats coming!

Germany: Muslim migrant murders man, police protect the perpetrator and harass the victim’s father

Subjugated people enforce the sharia on their own. This is history repeating.

Germany: Hesse’s Ministry of Culture warns teachers that showing Muhammad cartoons in class can be ‘radicalizing’

Have you ever been “radicalised” by a cartoon?  I haven’t. Curiously, Mohammedans will murder you if they think the cartoons mock their ‘prophet’.