Londonistan needs more Afghans….

British Govt to Bring More Afghans as It Pulls Out of Afghanistan

London Police Searching for Man Hunting for ‘Jewish Blood’ in Viral Vid

‘Enough is Enough’: Protest Against Illegal Migration Held in Dover as Over 400 More Boat Migrants Land

U.K. Protesters Say ‘Enough is Enough’ as 400+ Illegal Boat Migrants Land

Muslim who called for jihad on British streets also tried to rally Muslim youth to jihad warfare

UK: Muslim cleric says ‘the only solution is jihad,’ calls for Muslim countries to wage war against Israel

UK: Muslim screams at Jewish nurse ‘I want to kill all your people’

He is just one of many. It’s just a small step before they actually start murdering infidel women & children.

Europe Prepares For Post-Pandemic Migrant Surge With New Border Tech

The traitors in Brussels will keep the borders open. They will do nothing to stop the Islamic invasion.

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