The Orwellian “For the People Act” is the end of America as we know it

Ted Cruz Turns Tables on Dems Regarding Voter Suppression

The rest of the news is smoke and mirrors to keep us distracted. The only political issue that matters right now is HR1/SB1, a.k.a. the Orwellian “For the People Act,” which shockingly has already passed in the House. This radical legislation would put the Democrat Party in charge of elections at the federal level, facilitating widescale voter fraud and ensuring indefinite single-party rule of the type that has so many people leaving Chicago and California.

The propaganda wing of the Democratic Party — i.e., the liberal establishment media — quacks dishonestly about voter suppression. As Ted Cruz accurately observes in the video below, it is the Democrats who are trying to suppress the votes of law-abiding citizens by diluting them with illegitimate votes.

Cruz notes that when Republicans held the White House and both houses of Congress, they made no attempt to rig the system to remain in power. But today’s radicalized Democrats have the advantage of being the bad guys. Virtually none of them objects to destroying our system of government so that they can remain in power indefinitely. They feel confident that those who vote for them won’t object either.

This bill and those who support it represent a greater threat to American liberty than any foreign enemy ever has. Single-party rule would quickly degenerate into a dictatorial oligarchy.

It is unconstitutional to snatch control of elections from the states, but that’s no problem. Democrats have already made it clear that they will pack the Supreme Court as necessary (see here, here, here, here, and here). At that point, the USA will no longer be a constitutional republic in any meaningful sense.

Thanks to Moonbattery & Vlad Tepes.

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