Fake News You Can Trust

That’s the slogan of the Babylon Bee, a satire site many on the left take seriously.  Because it bites & it knows truth:

Brilliant video from a Moslem woman who ‘gets it’

Biden’s “intelligence community” is the Deep State run by illustrious creatures like John Brennan and clueless Clapper.

2 thoughts on “Fake News You Can Trust”

  1. antisemitism wont be a problem if 7000 jews weren’t celebrating their rabbi’s son’s wedding while the government sends 200 swat police to cordon a church to keep people from attending mass. Or if your politicians wouldn’t grovel and present their behinds to AIPAC and send $4 billion a year to Israel for them to sell weapons to muslims to invade a murder Christians, re, Armenians, invaded with israeli weapons and logistics, by the azeris, signing peace treaties and economic cooperation with azerbaijan after murdering Armenian Christians, or signing peace with Morocco in exchange for the jewish controlled US giving Spanish Sahara away to Morocco while throwing Christian Spain under the bus.

    1. That’s very interesting – do you have links to support the claims? I have an Armenian friend who needs to know this if it’s true!

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