Fraudci Protected by Media Cabal & Biden White House

Pompeo: Fauci Emails ‘Consistent’ with What China, W.H.O. Were Pushing

Pompeo: ‘Fauci Certainly Would Have Seen the Same Intelligence’ I Did, Evidence Was ‘Piling Up’ for Lab Theory by May

Nolte: Anthony Fauci Just Unraveled the Left’s ‘Settled Science’ Talking Point

Trump: What Did He Know About Wuhan Lab and When Did He Know It?

WH Refuses Comment on Dr. Doom’s Emails…

Fraudci Still Says ‘Far-Fetched’ to Think China ‘Deliberately Engineered’ Virus…

Fauci on How to Get China to Cooperate with COVID Origins Probe: ‘Don’t Be Accusatory’

Donald Trump Demands China Pay Ten Trillion in Reparations to USA for Coronavirus Deaths, Destruction

#Fauci lies under oath to @RandPaul and many more, nothing happens But@FBI generated a BS report that Mike Flynn lied (when he didn’t) and he was destroyed by our “justice system”… right.

Nothing will ever happen to Fauci, because Democrats get away with murder.

That alone is enough to put him behind bars forever:

Pro-Beijing Hong Kong Lawmaker: No One Died in Tiananmen Square Massacre

I found a solution:

Fauci’s Napoleon complex