Melbourne lockdown: the terror with the “new variants”

Victoria reports four new local cases as lockdown continues in Metropolitan Melbourne

Melbourne will remain in lockdown for an additional seven days with people only allowed to leave home for five essential reasons. However, restrictions are set to ease for regional Victoria from 11:59 pm on Thursday, June 3. The five permissible reasons to leave home are: shopping for food and supplies, authorised work and study, medical care and caregiving, exercise and getting vaccinated. The initial seven-day lockdown began at 11:59 pm on May 27 following an outbreak in Melbourne and was applied to the entire state.
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Jungle Bunnie’s misbehavin’….

2 thoughts on “Melbourne lockdown: the terror with the “new variants””

  1. They can’t even test for the basic coronavirus accurately, yet we’re supposed to believe they can gene-sequence “variants” on the spot, as soon as they appear?!

  2. What do you expect from the heartland of Oz socialism where such who pollute the whole state actually think that they are different to communists. This what we can expect from all ALP governments along with the usual massive debt, illegal invasion and lunatic critical race theory/LGTBPZN teaching to children.
    Anyone who has to brainwash children must be very uncertain about their beliefs and their integrity.

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