Nothing Stops Big Pharma’s Virus Terror. No One Stops Big Tech Censorship….

Not only are vaccine manufacturers immune from lawsuits in the event injuries occur, but OSHA has just suspended the requirement for employers to report vaccine-related injuries at all. If the vaccine is so safe, why is no one addressing these public health and safety concerns?

No one should be forced to get vaccinated. Everyone has the right to decide where to shop and spend money. It is called “Freedom”

Martin Kulldorff, you may be a Harvard epidemiologist, but we at Twitter DGAF. Your account has been locked because you dared to suggest masks are not God’s gift.

Harvard Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff Locked Out by Twitter

Backed by CDC directives, medical science, and common sense, the biostatistician still got slapped down by the “followers of science” in Big Tech.

Few people in the world are as qualified to talk about medical science as it pertains to Covid-19 as Martin Kulldorff. The Harvard professor, epidemiologist, and biostatistician has more medical knowledge and better credentials than all of the censorship personnel at Twitter combined. But at Twitter, science is only as important as a tool to drive the narrative passed down to them by globalists bent on perpetual fear amongst the populace.