UK Invasion: Farage Blames Pritti Prattel, Prattel Blames Facebook, TikTok….

Rather than blaming social media sites, perhaps Priti Patel can apologise today for all the lies she has made since 2019 about stopping the crossings.
Priti Patel blames Facebook, TikTok for surge in migrant Channel crossings
More than 4,000 people have made the crossing between Calais to Dover this year, with 2021’s total set to exceed the 8,400 who made the journey last year. (Getty Images)

Priti Patel has demanded that social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and TikTok remove posts that “glamourise” illegal migrant Channel crossings.

The home secretary has written to a swathe of online giants to demand they “put an end to the exploitation of your platforms by criminals involved in organised immigration crime”.

Her letters came after it emerged that people smugglers were using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to sell their services, while a video on TikTok showing migrants illegally crossing from Calais to Dover was viewed 800,000 times.

Population replacement is a done deal. If the establishment didn’t want it, it would have stopped the invasion long ago. Instead, the ruling classes are the biggest  ENABLERS of Islamisation.

Some racism is less racist than other racism. Priti Patel, the British Home Secretary (in effect, the minister of the interior), is the daughter of Indian immigrants from Uganda.

What’s the point in stopping & searching ‘migrants’ when they are not immediately shipped back from whence they came?

But in any case, I would bet my last dollar that the ‘human rights” shysters are already onto it.

COUNTER-Terror cops introduced a massive operation in an attempt to ‘Secure the Border’ amid the Migrant Crisis that has seen a whopping 6,000 migrants enter the UK illegally, with more than 1,487 walking in via Britain’s front door this month alone. 

A spokesman for Counter Terrorism Policing said: “We can confirm that a request was made on Tuesday by Counter Terrorism Policing nationally for enhanced security checks to be carried out at UK ports”

“This was in relation to ongoing operational activity and this requirement has since been stood down.”

“We would like to reassure the public that there is no threat to public safety in relation to this activity and thank all those affected for their cooperation and understanding.”

Counter Terror cops introduced enhanced checks following the biggest month on record with 1,487 migrants entering the UK illegally.