We need to pay a lot more attention to the “conspiracy theorists”

Eric Clapton from June 13th this year on the growing insanity in the corridors of power.

In this video, Virtuoso and composer, Eric Clapton refers to The Fat Emperor. A Youtuber who Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a highly trained and experienced physician, feels is an excellent source of information on things Covid related and endorsed him without reservation.

Pfizer President Won’t Get Jabbed

The President of Pfizer, who admitted to be experimenting on Children with his dodgy vaccine. explains why he himself has not taken the Pfizer vaccine because…. blah blah.

Senator Ron Johnson calls for a public discussion on the dodgy injections:

It’s just a “tiny minority” that dies from the jab. Dying from Covid is much worse, so they tell us.

Bronwyn: we need to be told the truth:

Former speaker of the house Bronwyn Bishop says it’s “very important” the Australian public is told how many people being diagnosed with COVID-19 have had the vaccine.

Her comments come amid the rapid spread of an outbreak in Sydney.

“How many of them have had the vaccination? How sick are they?” Ms Bishop said. “Did the vaccinations play a part in protecting people in not getting it more seriously? “It’s very important for us to know.”