Cancel Culture: the Biden Regime Demands Total Censorship

Wait, I thought they were to be banned for violating terms of service. Aren’t terms of service different for different platforms? Psaki’s statement makes it abundantly clear they want people banned for simply disagreeing with the government’s pre-approved narrative.

The Biden Politburo has given its propaganda directive to their state-run media

Masters of the Universe: Biden WH Colludes with Facebook to Censor ‘Misinformation’

‘We are flagging problematic posts’

“They’re killing people….”


“They don’t need food – well, they need it, but they’re not fighting for that.”

2 thoughts on “Cancel Culture: the Biden Regime Demands Total Censorship”

  1. This is so egregiously duplicitous, being that FB was a primary contributor of the lies of the left that helped get Biden elected. Nothing but islamospeak, smoke and mirrors, gaslighting. They’re learning from the moslems.

  2. Re: “The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. They’re killing people.” HYPOCRITE BIDEN “PROJECTS” AND PIMPS OUT HIS OWN GENOCIDAL MISINFORMATION (MURDEROUS CRIMINAL FRAUD)!

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