Cuba: Arrests after thousands rally against government

‘Prayer is our only armor’: Cuba protests calling on U.S. intervention continue in Miami 

Dozens Hundreds of people have been arrested in Cuba after thousands joined the biggest protests for decades against the island’s Communist government, media and opposition sources say.

Yenisey Salazar, 38, hollers during a protest rally against the Cuban government at the Cuban Memorial in Tamiami Park in Miami on Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

Unauthorised public gatherings are illegal in Cuba and protests are rare.

Images on social media showed what appeared to be security forces detaining, beating and pepper-spraying some of the protesters.

Cuba’s president labelled those protesting “mercenaries”.

In a four-hour-long televised address President Miguel Díaz-Canel slammed protestors as “counter-revolutionaries” while his foreign minister alleged the demonstrations had been financed and instigated by the United States.

Miles de personas se manifestaron el domingo 11 de julio cerca del restaurante Versailles, en la Calle 8 de Miami, en apoyo a las protestas en Cuba.

Cuba Shuts Down Internet to Silence Citizens, Hide Ongoing Protests

‘Libertad!’: Flood of Cuban protesters rise up against the communist regime

Dictatorship quickly shut down social media feeds: Report

Cubans took to the streets Sunday in what Cuban activists and U.S. politicians are calling the biggest demonstrations in decades.

According to social media feeds, which Cuba’s communist dictatorship quickly shut down as U.S. news outlets began collecting them, hundreds of citizens shouted “freedom” to protest shortages of food and medicine in several cities across the island.

“The people are dying of hunger!” one woman shouted in Spanish during an Artemisa province protest posted on Facebook. “Our children are dying of hunger!”

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In another video, a police car in the city of Cardenas was overturned by protesters.

There also was social media evidence of protests in San Antonio de los Baños and Palma Soriano, The New York Times reported.

Carolina Barrero, a Cuban activist, called the protests “spontaneous, frontal and forceful,” and a challenge to a regime that has kept an iron lid on dissent since taking power when Dwight Eisenhower was U.S. president.

“It is the most massive popular demonstration to protest the government that we have experienced in Cuba since ’59,” she told the Times by text message.