Extended Sydney Lockdown “a new strain of BS”

No, it’s not cool to dob in your neighbour.

‘Snitching on your neighbour’: Avi Yemeni sparks debate after calling out ‘un-Australian’ person for dobbing on Sydney family who left lockdown to go to a pony club

  • Family from Sydney’s eastern suburbs travelled 270km for a pony club event
  • Issued with fines after a member of the public at the event tipped off police
  • Avi Yemini slammed vigilante for committing ‘most un-Australian act possible’ 

A “right-wing commentator” has sparked debate by labelling a vigilante who tipped off the police about a family breaching coronavirus restrictions as ‘un-Australian’.

What’s with the BS-labels?  Why do Daily Mail scribblers insist on calling Avi Yemeni a A “right-wing commentator”  or “controversial commentator?” Avi is a privately funded citizen journalist who gives the establishment journaille a run for their money.

Not just QLD. Police and bureaucrats around the country should refuse to enforce totalitarian laws, which violate basic human rights.
Since Nuremberg 1946 the “I was only following orders…” defence is no longer admissible.

“…the only disease in history that no Australian is allowed to catch.”

Greater Sydney lockdown set to be extended for a week

NSW lockdown to be extended for a week. So far. As if anyone thought they were not lying about it out of the gate

Greater Sydney’s lockdown is set to be extended for a week with several reports suggesting an extension will be unveiled during today’s press conference at 11am. A New South Wales crisis cabinet meeting has reportedly agreed to extend Greater Sydney’s restrictions until at least July 16. It means school students will be learning from home when term three starts next Tuesday. There will also reportedly be no easing of restrictions in regional New South Wales. Premier Gladys Berejiklian says while keenness to reopen the economy is key, a need for balance is required given the nature of the Delta variant. The premier says she wants this to be the last lockdown until most of the state’s population is vaccinated.

Ministers are Increasingly Ruling by Decree, Without Parliamentary Oversight

Executive branches of government are increasingly relying upon a form of lawmaking that bypasses any input from parliament, as well as avoiding its veto powers. Known as delegated legislation, this process involves a series of instruments known as regulations, rules and determinations.

Is Australia’s health dictatorship starting to crack?

“Don’t touch the football”

Terry McCrann The Australian July 7, 2021
Is the dictatorship of the chief health officers across Australia on the verge of breaking down? After a wobbly start back in February last year when the prime minister – very briefly – seemed to be in command when he closed the international border, first to China and then to the world, every state and territory and so the entire nation by default has been under the iron grip of a cabal of CHOs.
For more than 15 months, their word has been quite literally law – backed up and enforced by states of emergency which have given governments authoritarian powers, which they have executed with relish, all as never before seen in Australia in peacetime.
There has been only one target – eliminate the virus – at quite literally any cost in terms of both financial and other health consequences.
Each decision to destroy jobs and businesses, and sacrifice mental and (other) physical health has been rationalised and justified on the basis of “following the – always undisclosed – health advice”.
That’s to say, bluntly, when a CHO said “jump”, political government responded “how high” – and, “for how long”.
Maybe the first crack in the CHO iron grip went more substantively unappreciated, albeit widely mocked at the time, when a month ago SA’s CHO Prof Nicola Spurrier warned “not to touch the football”.

That did not get turned into a SA government order, backed up by on-the-spot fines. That seems to have been the first, and first clearly disclosed, “health advice” not followed.
This was followed by Queensland’s CHO (and governor-select) Jeannette Young’s hysterical outburst against the Astra-Zeneca vaccine – which she seemingly did not appreciate actually made a very powerful case against both vaccinating the majority of the population (the under 40s) and the lockdowns mandated by her and the other CHOs.
But the biggest crack is clearly the now disclosed opposition this week from NSW’s treasurer Dominic Perrottet to the extension of NSW’s current lockdown.
To my mind this is the first time we have seen any opposition inside a cabinet in any state not simply to the lockdown strategy, but by undeniable implication opposition also to that cardinal rule that has had Australian in an iron grip.
Self-evidently the premier and co were “following the health advice” in committing to a further lockdown. The treasurer was prepared to not follow it.
We are also seeing a growing number of voices attacking either the entire lockdown/elimination strategy or certainly its continuation now.
It’s not just the supposed extremists of the Murdoch media – like The Australian’s Adam Creighton and Sky News’s Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones.
Yesterday we even got two columns in separate Nine publications, from Chris Uhlmann and John Kehoe, lacerating, absolutely lacerating the lockdown/elimination strategy and by implication the dictatorship of the CHOs.
How’s this from Kehoe? “Yet our scare-mongering politicians and bureaucrats have terrified millions of relatively healthy and non-elderly people…….”
And from Uhlmann: “Forget limiting the amount of death, COVID-19 became the only disease in history that no Australian is allowed to catch.”
Interestingly – very “interestingly” – in this context of “follow the health advice without the slightest deviation”, was Uhlmann’s reference to up to 44,000 people each year in Australia “killed or maimed by their doctors and nurses”.
All this becomes very active, in real time, when we do get more pervasive vaccination; but also, by implication, still significant levels of non-vaccination.
Will we accept cases and even deaths?
Will we still be “following the health advice”?