Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald

FNC’s Carlson: Democrat Claim We’re in a ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’ Is Untrue

If vaccinated individuals can still get Covid; what is the point of the vaccine?

Where is Deborah Birx and why isn’t SHE being questioned about the Wuhan lab? She disappeared.

Glenn Greenwald Discusses Admission of White House Directing Opposition Censorship Through Big Tech


Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald discuss the open nature of the White House admitting to a direct collusion between the administration and Big Tech to censor voices opposed to the Biden regime; and the Republicans doing absolutely nothing about it (because the UniParty agrees with it).

*Remember* the Intelligence Branch is specifically made possible by a public-private partnership.  The White House operating in conjunction with Big Tech is a downstream consequence of the Intelligence Community coordinating with the same entities.


Tucker Carlson: Hunter Biden ‘Can Do Literally Whatever He Wants’ (VIDEO)

Nothing to See Here: China Rejects Coronavirus Audit, Tells W.H.O. to Look at U.S. for Lab Leak Source