Stolen elections: how much longer must we wait?

Socialism is all about stealing. Stealing wealth, property, freedom, etc. But, according to useful idiots, socialists would never, ever steal elections. Never. And no matter if there’s a mountain of evidence, socialism’s useful idiots maintain that “there’s no evidence of election fraud”. –Bosch Fawstin

Cyber Ninjas Found So Many Issues with the Voting Machines and Processes in Maricopa County It’s a Wonder the Previous Auditors Didn’t Find These Issues Too

Latest from AZ — Steve Bannon: “Delta between Hard Ballots and Recorded Votes Is Holding – Count Should Be Out Next Week” (Video)

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Ramthum Calls for Forensic Audit Procedures Added to Scope of State Audit After Seeing Arizona and Georgia Results

Trump Spokeswoman on AZ Audit Revelations: “A Crime Was Committed on Nov. 3rd – This Is a Fraud – Election Never Should Have been Certified” (Video)

Maricopa County Supervisor Jack Sellers Fails BADLY With Total BS Response To AZ Audit Hearing

AZ AUDIT HEARING: Doug Logan from Cyber Ninjas Lays Out Duplicate Ballot Discrepancies (VIDEO)

Arizona Audit: 74,243 Mail-In Ballots Returned with ‘No Clear Record of Them Being Sent’

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