The violent racist left

There was this idea, after 9/11, that if we conceded the fact that Islam, and not any alleged deviant forms of it, motivated jihad, that that fact would be devastating and reveal the problem to be bigger and worse than we were willing to accept, and so that fact had to be suppressed. As if endless lies about Islam haven’t been devastating. And that same widespread denial is now infecting us regarding the election fraud. We all know why leftists get angry and deny all election fraud, because they’re guilty of it, and want to cover it up. But there are others who believe that if they conceded that there’s been election fraud, that it would prove that things are far worse than we thought with our country, and so they won’t even entertain that possibility. Well, things are as bad as they are, and some of us are willing to accept it and discuss it, in the hopes that we can do something about it.–Bosch Fawstin

No one is ‘indigenous’ in Britain, except  Paki Mohammedans who intend to replace the natives.

The hide & the hubris of Islamofascist Mehdi Hasan, who tries to embarrass a British professor on Muslim Brotherhood TV, is insulting.

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