America has fallen. Our enemies are licking their chops.

Spanish Populist Leader: Afghan Asylum Seekers Should Go To Muslim Countries, Not Europe

Wait for the do-gooders to throw hissy fits over that!

Taliban: ‘There Will Be No Democratic System at All’

Senior Taliban leader Waheedullah Hashimi said on Thursday the group would not implement democracy in Afghanistan because Afghan culture and Islamic sharia law do not support such a political system.

Dear God…a reporter just asked the State Dept spokesman if there were any “Covid protocols” at the Kabul airport prior to boarding!!

Frantic Afghans looking to escape are struggling to get through Taliban checkpoints and into Kabul’s airport. The US embassy in the city has warned that it cannot ensure safe passage to the airport. 

Yes, CNN. Who would have thought?

Clarrisa Ward, the CNN reporter who said of the Taliban “They’re just chanting, ‘Death to America,’ but they seem friendly at the same time; it’s utterly bizarre,” just got charged by gun-wielding Taliban fighters.

Taliban Fighters Charge at CNN Crew — Just Days After Reporter Said They ’Seem Friendly’!

America has fallen.

The world’s mightiest power has failed to stop a stone age, parochial, quasi-terrorist organisation from retaking a country it last ruled with a reign of terror 20 long years ago, writes Joe Hildebrand.

No doubt that Afghanistan is America’s second Vietnam. A prolonged and ultimately pointless war the US entered with both noble rhetoric of democratic freedoms and strategic goals of regional security only to withdraw in humiliation having achieved neither.

American and Australian troops who sacrificed their lives and souls on the ground have every right to ask what it was all for. Today no political leader can answer that question.

Portraits of Kabul: Crowded Hangars, Desperate Masses, Swarmed Barricades, A City in Chaos

Hezbollah Terror Chief Taunts U.S. as Sanction-Busting Tanker Sails for Lebanon

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  1. What was it all for? To sell weapons to Congress, of course! And also to launder billions in untraceable “aid money” to private contractors and shadowy Deep State parasites. Then there was the poppy fields and heroin industry to protect.

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