Italy invaded by 539 “migrants” plus….

Many of the migrants were from North Africa or West Africa but some were from Bangladesh

Some on board the dangerously packed boat showed signs of recent torture.

Alida Serrachieri, a nurse who runs the Doctors Without Borders’ operation on Lampedusa, said the passengers included three women and several unaccompanied minors.

Coastguard rescues 539 Africans near Italian island from Libya

  • Two smaller boats with around 15 migrants each were also rescued on same day 
  • Political and economic crises in Tunisia are feeding steadily increasing streams of migrants determined to reach Europe, many of whom set out in smugglers’ boats from Libyan shores. 

My, I’m so glad it’s “political & economic crises”. For a moment I was afraid it was “climate change”.


    Earlier this month, Italy stepped up pressure on fellow EU nations to open their ports to migrants rescued by humanitarian ships as political tension simmers in the Italian government’s coalition over a sharply rising number of arrivals this summer.

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  1. If you believe the “climate change” popular narrative , then research the Vostock ice core sample study.

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