Woke Degenerates Fail the U.S. @ the Olympics

A quitter never wins & a winner never quits.

Anthem-Protester Gwen Berry Fails to Medal

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Nikole Hannah-Jones hails Cuba as among the ‘most equal’ countries

Very unfortunate that affirmative action clowns are now infesting institutions & positions where they can do irreparable damage.

In a 2019 podcast, Nikole Hannah-Jones praised Cuba’s socialist policies, calling the country among the ‘most equal’ and ‘multiracial’ countries in the West.
Under Cuba’s socialist policies, one former Cuban economist projects inflation to reach 900%.

In a resurfaced 2019 podcast hosted by Ezra Klein of Vox and the New York Post, Howard University professor and 1619 Project author Nikole Hannah-Jones praised Cuba’s socialist economy, deeming it one of the “most equal” countries in the west.

“If you want to see the most equal, multiracial democ … it’s not a democracy – the most equal, multiracial country in our hemisphere it would be Cuba,” Hannah-Jones said, the NY Post reported.

She then praised Cuba’s socialist economy, claiming it has led to “the least inequality”. 

“The problem is not the lack of food or the lack of medicine, it’s the lack of freedom. If we had freedom, we would have food and medicine; you can bet on that,” Unknown Cuban