3 thoughts on “Covid is Communism”

  1. These career officials are useless. They should all be sacked” … [sic]
    Really !
    (Think A Bit More) …
    They Are All Guilty Of Treason !
    And They Require The Punishment Befitting Their Crime(s) !

    They Are Also Knowingly Guilty And By Their Associations/Neglect Of Every Crime Committed By The Crime Groups They Are Aiding And Abetting !
    (Malfeasance & Misfeasance in Office)

    These Criminal “{farce} authorities” And Their Controllers Require Rounding Up For Permanent Incarceration along with Total Confiscation Of Their Assets For Compensation To Their Victim State !

    1. and guess what …
      These Criminal “{farce} authorities” …
      Include EVERY political, bureaucratic, judicial, (w)academic & their “students“, military personnel
      (ie … EVERYauthorities“) Hierarchy !
      (especially since 1972)

      But – what to do
      What to do !!!
      Seek out These Controlled Traitor/Seditioner/Subversive authority Hierarchies !
      • PURGE – their controlled authorities
      • PURGE – The Controllers !

      (Reverse The Stealth THEY Used To Get To Be Authorities) !!!!!

      To learn that to become a Member of the Federal Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia is to commit an act of treason against the sovereign people of Australia will no doubt result in a reaction of incredulity. In fact it would be reasonable to anticipate that the reader of such a statement would be inclined to immediately reject this paper without further examination of its content …

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