The payoff will be enormous’

Who owns the world?

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Simon Holmes à Court: ‘If it works, the payoff will be enormous’

The son of Australia’s first billionaire has become the face of a burgeoning independents movement some say heralds a tectonic shift in our political landscape. Their focus? Climate change. Their target? Disgruntled small-l liberals.

Let’s skip the rubbish, and get to it:

In recent years he has written opinion pieces on climate for The Guardian, emerging occasionally to talk about energy transition. The last time he willingly broke cover for a profile was a decade ago, announcing Australia’s first community-owned wind farm on Victoria’s Central Highlands, a project that arose from building the off-the-grid farm.

That all changed two months ago, when he relaunched Climate 200 (C200), the fundraising group he founded just before the May 2019 federal election with support from 35 investors, including tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes. Back then, C200 raised $500,000 to put towards 12 independents’ campaigns that featured climate action policies, including Helen Haines, who succeeded Cathy McGowan in the north-eastern Victorian seat of Indi; Kerryn Phelps, who narrowly lost Sydney’s blue-chip Wentworth to Liberal Dave Sharma; former Clean Energy Finance Corporation CEO Oliver Yates, who ran in Melbourne’s equally upmarket Kooyong against now-Treasurer Josh Frydenberg; and Rebekha Sharkie, who took the South Australian seat of Mayo as an independent.

The whole article is a slobbering love affair with this billionaire, who   -can you guess?- must own a large part of the Sydney Moonbat Herald, 

“Rape is their custom…”

A few jihad updates for today:

Spain: Muslim migrant rapes 15-year-old girl, authorities dismiss such cases by saying ‘It’s their custom’

At least Spanish authorities know that, which is not to excuse their taking such cases lightly. Most authorities in the West have no idea that such behavior is indeed “custom.” In France, Muslim rapist Sofiane Rasmouk quoted the Qur’an while raping his victim. A survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK has said that her rapists would quote the Qur’an to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam. On another occasion, Muslim migrants in France raped a girl and videoed the rape while praising Allah and invoking the Qur’an. In India, a Muslim gave a Qur’an and a prayer rug to the woman he was holding captive and repeatedly raping. And the victim of an Islamic State jihadi rapist recalled: “He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God…He said that raping me is his prayer to God.” In India, a Muslim kidnapped and raped a 14-year-old Hindu girl, and forced her to read the Qur’an and Islamic prayers. In Pakistan, another Christian woman recounted that her rapist was also religious: “He threw me on the bed and started to rape me. He demanded I marry him and convert to Islam. I refused. I am not willing to deny Jesus and he said that if I would not agree he would kill me.” Rapists demanded that another girl’s family turn her over to them, claiming that she had recited the Islamic profession of faith during the rape and thus could not live among infidels.

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Spain: Four Muslim migrants beat a young woman to ‘destroy that beautiful face’

Allahu Akbar’ Yelling Man Arrested After Strangling Woman on French Street

There were 600,000 foreigners in the Czech Republic at the end of 2020

Map of Islam project leads to death threats in Austria

Where did the Vienna terrorist’s AK-47 come from?

Austria: Antifa demonstrators try to block deportation of migrant criminals, including rapists

In Austria, the number of people born abroad has reached a new high, and one of the country’s top parties is ringing the alarm about Austria’s continous influx of foreigners. Almost 1.8 million (20.1 percent) of the people living in Austria were born abroad, according to the latest 2020 migration report by the Austrian Integration Fund.

Five years ago, the proportion was 18.3 percent.

The tipping point for a nation to fall to Islam is 20%.

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Sterilize the population?


CDC lies to justify injecting mRNA into children from 5 to 11. Laura Ingram with Dr. Peter McCullough

A lawsuit in Rhode Island proved under oath that not one child there died of Covid. Not one.

Federal Lawsuit Seeks Immediate Halt of COVID Vaccines, Cites Whistleblower Testimony Claiming CDC Is Under-Counting Vaccine Deaths

America’s Frontline Doctors filed a motion to stop the use of Emergency Use Authorization COVID vaccines for anyone under 18, anyone with natural immunity or anyone who hasn’t received informed consent. Continue reading Sterilize the population?


After half a century in politics, Biden would have demonstrated some usefulness as a public servant if he had any. Maybe it isn’t too late for him to switch to a career in music.

Here he does a great adaptation of an AC/DC tune:

STOP VACCINATING, it’s not working!

Your chances to die from Covid are close to zero. Your chances to die from that dodgy vax are far better.

Can somebody tell our media to report the facts?
Even if these facts may be only 1 to 10% of the true numbers….
VAERS as of yesterday in the USA.
17,128 Deaths.
26,199 Permanently Disabled.
818,042 Vaccine Adverse Events.
83,412 Hospitalisations.
2,631 Miscarriages.
We are witnessing the greatest medical genocide in history. This will go on for years to come.
The enormity of that statement, is truly horrible. People will hang for this. Many people.
It is entirely possible that it is the Covid vaccines which are making people sick.
This is backed up by data which shows that you are more likely to get sick or die from a Covid vaccine than you are to get sick or die with Covid if you are unvaccinated.

Jordan Peterson – This Is The BIGGEST SCAM In The History Of Mankind


Sky News host Alan Jones says it is “clear” Scott Morrison’s net zero emissions plan is “completely un-costed”.


Mark Latham’s Outsiders

Climate change is the longest running show in Australian politics. But for one group in particular, they have seen this movie many times before.
They are the victims of the great environmental swindle of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, when the Howard Government was desperate to give the appearance of reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions without affecting our heavy industries.
It invented the Australia Clause as a novel part of the international Protocol, whereby the bulk of our contribution to ‘saving the planet’ would come from restrictions on land clearing. If Australia kept enough trees that soaked up carbon, we wouldn’t have to do any real emissions reduction.
It was sneaky politics and clever economics. Except for one excruciating catch: it pushed the heaviest burden of Australia’s Kyoto compliance onto farmers in a relatively small part of the country – Central West and North Western NSW and regional Queensland. Their land was locked up, like wards of the state, with its financial viability sacrificed at the altar of climate change.
They were the first victims of this wretched policy and now, as Scott Morrison tells Glasgow of his commitment to Net Zero, we should remember them. These farmers can teach us about the true impact of selective climate sacrifice.
For starters, they never received any compensation for the way in which governments prevented them from clearing their land for agriculture. The NSW and Queensland State Governments did the dirty work for the Commonwealth, thereby avoiding the ‘just terms’ compensation clause in the Australian Constitution.


POPE: if you don’t like my principles, I have others….

Abortion is not a thing as long as the warming racket proceeds & the Great Reset.

Pope Francis: Let There Be No More Borders or Walls to ‘Hide Behind’

France: the purpose of leftist immigration policy is to eradicate Western Civilization by eradicating the people who created it: Caucasians

French migration policy is to eradicate Western Civilization by eradicating the people who created it — namely, Caucasians.

Majority in France Acknowledge Soft Genocide

The apparent purpose of leftist immigration policy is to eradicate Western Civilization by eradicating the people who created it — namely, Caucasians.

Pointing out that the strategy is working would get any member of the establishment canceled immediately. It led to this site being blacklisted by both Google AdSense and Taboola, the ad revenue owed to it being confiscated in the name of wokeness.

Imagine someone on any radio station or cable channel pointing out that massive Third World immigration, miscegenation, and cratering Western birth rates thanks to feminism and moral decay will inevitably lead to there being no more white people and that this may not be entirely good. If someone started to tell the truth about soft genocide, your TV screen would go to a test pattern until the thought criminal had been hauled off and gagged.

Yet people know it is true. In France, only a minority believe that Europeans are not likely to become extinct as they are displaced by massive immigration from Africa:

The apparent purpose of leftist immigration policy is to eradicate Western Civilization by eradicating the people who created it — namely, Caucasians.

The Caucasian race comprises peoples derived from Europe, North Africa, the Middle-East and most of the Sub-continent of Asia / India.

So to put a finer point on the subject, it’s European Caucasians — aka white people / the white race — who’re being targeted for extinction.

Obviously the attack on white people is not limited to Europe, it’s worldwide in scope.

The USA and Canada are a prime examples of whites being replaced by nonwhites. Any sentient being can see the process unfolding in real time and apace.

The bizarre part in all this is very few ppl in prominent positions are willing to confront the issue; they are too afraid they’ll be labeled a “racist”.

At the hands of their own ruling-class, whites have been browbeaten to the point where most whites would rather sacrifice their own kith and kin than be labeled a “racist”.

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It was never about climate. It was always about the “Great Reset”

Scott Morrison is trying to give the illusion that Net Zero 2050 is cost free when in reality he has already invested $19 billion of taxpayer money towards experimental, unproven and commercially unviable technologies. The truth is Scott Morrison is loading up our grandchildren with a massive debt all for a policy that will have no impact on the Earth’s climate.

Read the full story at

ScoMo’s global warming ‘plan’ a clear con

Andrew Bolt Herald Sun October 27, 2021
Labor is absolutely right. The Prime Minister’s big global warming “plan” is a con. A joke. But Scott Morrison’s con is at least now in plain sight. Labor still keeps its own “plan” a secret. The reason is simple: both sides claim they can cut our emissions to net zero by 2050 and without hurting you, but both are lying.
Morrison on Tuesday released his farcical “plan” to somehow power this country with virtually none of those sinful fuels like coal, gas and even petrol.
And it wouldn’t cost you a cent, he said. “It will not cost jobs … It will not impact households, businesses or the broader economy with new costs or taxes … It will not increase energy bills.”
What a fraud, because in the next breath Morrison explained how his “plan” was in fact already costing you billions.

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Who banned Ivermectin in Australia?

We have signed government documents from Mikakos and Jeannette Young. Who else?

Why are public schools allowing Pfizer mobile vaccination units on campus?!?

Bust of Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine taking money to trash Hydroxychloroquine

Remember this video for the next time someone uses an appeal to authority to argue against fact:

Government bureaucrats trying to stop people from using Ivermectin are way out of line. They should be sacked for protecting the Pharma lobby.

Japan drops vax rollout, goes to Ivermectin, ENDS COVID almost overnight

The ongoing COVID-19 nonsense here in the United States exists solely and exclusively because our governments have failed to use the correct treatment.  They used so-called “vaccines” when Japan has just proven, in less than ONE MONTH, that Ivermectin can wipe out the disease.

Sweden’s Public Health Agency on Wednesday recommended a temporary halt to the use of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine among young adults, citing concerns over rare side effects to the heart. It said the pause should initially be in force until December 1, explaining that it had received evidence of an increased risk of side effects such as inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis) and inflammation of the pericardium (pericarditis). {link to CBS News (Secure)]

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