Why is disagreeing with tyranny always labeled as “far-right?”

Tyranny just to “keep you safe”

We cannot allow #Australia to become a dystopia where our #Freedoms are rented from the government on the advice of #BigPharma.

The core of medical ethics is that the doctor’s responsibility is to the patient, and not to the government.

 SHAME on the Australian government for interfering with Doctor/Patient relationships. 

The VicStaPo v the people.

If your injection doesn’t protect you, what makes you think injecting me will protect you?

Quote from the article in The Australian paper:
Can anyone logically explain why the PM & Qantas CEO Alan Joyce want to stop those who chose not to be injected from traveling?

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Aussie Gestapo Shows Up at Woman’s Home & Harass Her Over Social Media Posts

Where in the f*kc is this going?

CRAZY: Australian Authorities Show Up to Woman’s Home and Harass Her Over Social Media Posts: “We Have Instructions Because You Have Been Posting Things” – (Video)

Things just continue getting worse and worse for Australian citizens under the rule of their tyrannical health regime.

Scenes coming out of the country have been absolutely shocking. In response to the massive protests that have been going on for weeks, the radical-left Australian government has turned to brutal violence against its unarmed citizens in an effort to stamp out the unrest. Gangs of police rove the streets, beating people who dare to disobey before hauling them away.

Despite the violent crackdown, the massive protests have persisted for weeks and more people keep showing up. The crowds are so large that the Australian authorities are pressuring the government to issue no-fly zones over the areas with the most people in order to blackout the media.

Now in an attempt to get fewer people to go to protests, Australian authorities are showing up at people’s homes and intimidating them because they’ve made unapproved posts on social media. Recently, two government officials were caught on video when they showed up at an unsuspecting woman’s home and attempted to bully her into not leaving her house.

After the two covid-Gestapo gave the woman a hard time for (rightfully) keeping a camera on them, they explained to her that they had “instructions” to come speak with her specificallybecause she had been “posting things on social media” about an upcoming protest on Tuesday. 

I’m here to remind you to ensure that you need to stay at home in relation to Covid stay at home orders and if there is or is not a protest on Tuesday – regardless – you still can’t leave [your home] and go to a protest of any sort.

When the woman recording the video pushes back on them, the pair of goons even admits that protesting is a constitutional right for Australians, but they don’t care at all – they are following orders…

…and you better too – Stay inside, or else.

That is correct, you are allowed to go protest but at the moment we have stay-at-home orders, okay? And that means we are not allowed to leave without a valid reason for leaving your home.

You cannot go and attend a protest whether it is in the city, [unintelligible] – I don’t know where or what is going on, but you can’t go and do that right now because at the moment we have stay-at-home orders.”

These people will twist anything so it fits their BS. Their level of commitment is shocking.

Watch the dystopian exchange here:


Leftoids, that’s how they are. Hollow like a tin drum:

Suez Canal blockage. Remember? Now every port is also backed up:

Cimate Greta is Everywhere!

It’s Not About the ‘Climate,’ Stupid

A series of interrelationships exist in the world of the Klimate Kult believers that needs to be understood to grasp what is going on and the impact it has on the future. These relationships aren’t about the climate.

Look at Nord Stream 2. Germany, a country American taxpayers have been paying to defend from Russia (and its socialist (i.e. “failed”) predecessor, the USSR) for 76 years decided to buy natural gas from Russia instead of America. Why?

Why not?

As Bastiat notes in The Law (pp 9-10), “When they can, [people] wish to live and prosper at the expense of others.”

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Thunberg leads climate protests in Italy ahead of COP26

How did “hundreds of climate activists from around the world” get to Milan in the middle of the Covid racket?

Hundreds of young people led by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg have marched in the Italian city of Milan to demand swift climate action, weeks before the crucial United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) slated to be held in Glasgow.

The rally took place on Friday as a continuation of the “Fridays for Future” movement that had brought students to the streets in cities across the globe two years ago, before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Hope doesn’t come from politicians’ blah, blah, blah,” Thunberg said as she led the rally in Milan, accompanied by Ugandan climate justice activist Vanessa Nakate.

Uganda, like the rest of Africa, doesn’t have a climate problem. It is just sickening that every freeloader tries to rip a piece of flesh out of gullible Europeans who have fallen for the climate racket. Continue reading Cimate Greta is Everywhere!

Police Brutality DownUnder

Tucker Carlson Outlines The Brutal Communist Madness Taking Over Australia

|Last Refuge| Comments

Yesterday, Florida’s Governor asked if the U.S. needed to reconsider diplomatic relations with Australia over the brutal police state that has taken over several states in the nation.  Today, Fox News Host Tucker Carlson outlined some of the details of the police state that has taken over Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.  WATCH:

Approximately two hours after this Tucker Carlson segment aired, the Premier of Victoria (Melbourne), Daniel Andrews, informed all citizens of the state they must take a vaccine by October 15th if they want to work, and anybody who attempts to protest that demand will be immediately arrested by police.  Watch Below:


Alan Jones & the abominable scam behind “climate change”

Politicians who constantly talk climate change are making our country weaker and poorer, not stronger.

And they can never tell us what will replace the export revenue we receive from coal, which pays for our enormous welfare bill, new schools, new hospitals and the infrastructure we enjoy.
Only an intellectual lightweight would advocate for such economically destructive policies.

Is it any wonder that there is so much hostility and anger towards politicians?

Political elites and many in the media who peddle the nonsense mouthed by these elites are complicit in the destruction of the freedoms and, dare I say, the prosperity we have worked for and come to love.
This trend is worldwide.
Look at Germany where both major parties hovered around 25 percent in the vote count. Unheard of.
Then you see a “conservative” leader in Boris Johnson going mad over climate change, cosying up to the geriatric Biden and his jet-setting Climate Envoy, John Kerry.
Have a look at the polls here this week. In fact, you can sum up what is happening here simply.
Our political leaders are presiding over the greatest theft of our civil liberties and the sledgehammering of our economy.
Josh Frydenberg spending $90 billion on JobKeeper.
But so much for a reforming, fiscally responsible Treasurer.
And these people wonder why Australians are taking to the streets?
Children have been ordered to months and months of at-home learning. Parents are beside themselves wondering where on Earth the next dollar will come from.
Industry bans and lockdowns all over the country.
Australians denied the dignity of work, yet the political and bureaucratic class stay on full salary.
Many businesses are gone for good, never to return.

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