Swamp Rats, a Woke Pope, Chemtrails & Affirmative Action Turds

Pope Francis Calls for Big Tech to Censor ‘Hate Speech,’ ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Far-left  Commie Pope Francis has joined the chorus of global elites calling for more Big Tech censorship, demanding “in the name of God” that tech companies crack down on “hate speech,” “fake news,” and “conspiracy theories.”

During an address on Saturday, the notoriously left-wing pontiff expressed his ire with Big Tech companies for not doing enough censorship.

 Marxist Moslem  John Brennan, a swamp rat Obama tasked with running the CIA, is involved in weird experiments:

You can’t run a country with hateful halfwits like this in positions of authority:

Cori Bush says millions of black Americans are being killed because white supremacists are drilling for oil.

‘We Gotta Take These Motherf***ers Out’: Rutgers Assoc. Professor Rages Against White People 

Half a century of affirmative action & all you get is  whitey-hatin’ slum dwellers who openly call to annihilate the white race?

ScoMo wants censorship “to protect kids”

Obviously he means the kids in the Canberra clown gallery who need to be protected.

I can smell the coming dictatorship 5 miles against the wind. Censorship is just the beginning.

Scott Morrison declares war on Facebook trolls and wants G20 on board

Scott Morrison has declared war on social media trolls, revealing a plan to expose anonymous online agitators that he will take to the G20.


Social media giants face a new crackdown designed to force companies to reveal the names of anonymous trolls.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has signalled he will raise the issue with world leaders at the G20 this month.

For the first time, it means citizens using anonymous social media accounts to defame and troll could be named, shamed and brought before the courts.

“We must hold social media platforms to account. They’re publishers, not just platforms,” he said.

“Particularly when they allow people to anonymously go on their platforms and publish their vile rubbish, whether that is to bully a young girl or target people online or to push defamatory statements out against people, and to do so anonymously with impunity.”

But Mr Morrison is yet to outline how exactly how this will work in practice.

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Shock Horror! We’re not allowed to save lives with Ivermectin!

How private Telegram channel ‘IM Packs’ created a black market for Ivermectin in Australia

This is an “ABC Investigation”

As much of eastern Australia was settling in for another Friday night in lockdown earlier this month, an unlikely prescription drug importation ring popped up in a dark corner of the internet.

NSW was recording several hundred COVID cases each day when the Telegram channel emerged.


“Hi all!,” wrote Gabz, a user on Telegram – the encrypted messaging app that has become a haunt for anti-lockdown protesters and COVID-19 vaccination sceptics during the pandemic.

It was 6:10pm on October 1, and Gabz had just created a Telegram channel called “IM Packs” for people in Sydney interested in sourcing the unproven coronavirus treatments Ivermectin and Doxycycline.

“Please take note this is a private group and not to be shared with anyone,” Gabz wrote.

“If you’d like to order a pack for someone please do so by letting me know how many packs you’d like.”

Gabz was offering to import bulk shipments of Ivermectin and Doxycycline from India, and then on-sell doses to other users.

“Each pack is around $25 (will confirm price shortly) and contains a 10-day treatment, instruction guide with Ivermectin and Doxycycline.”

Over the next three weeks, the channel, which was first detected by the anti-extremist researchers the White Rose society, attracted more than 550 users from around the country and processed dozens of orders worth potentially more than $10,000.

An ABC investigation has obtained the chat log and screenshots from the channel, which show evidence that Gabz placed two bulk orders with an India-based website.

Group members feared dying of COVID

The messages also give an insight into a group of people bound by collective mistrust of vaccines that have been proven safe and effective, coupled with a fear of contracting COVID-19 as it ravaged Australia’s two biggest cities.

That’s a lie. The dodgy vax is neither safe nor effective. But your ABC knows best.

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#Arrest Fraudci Now!

The Slippery Semantics Of Anthony Fraudci

When he testifies or sits for friendly network interviews, Fauci depends on semantics. He relies on the naivety of the interviewer and the audience, employing terminology and definitions he believes only he understands.

But like the ponytailed Chad in Good Will Hunting attempting to flex his big brain, Fauci’s arguments fall apart in front of the initiated.

Fauci’s absolutist answer from May has proven to be false.

Fraudci plays games a bureaucrat plays when they are attempting to cover their own ass, their career and their life’s work. Pulling this thread leads to one place: more discovery, more leaks and more gleam off Fauci’s armor in the media. How much more damning information needs to come out before he retires?

The pressure is coming for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be ‘”held accountable” after some disturbing reports surfaced about experiments on helpless puppies that were, in part, funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday called on Dr. Fauci to be fired after reports of the terrifying experiments that resulted in the deaths of beagle puppies, Florida Politics reported.

The rediscovery of a series of grisly experiments on beagle puppies has galvanized social media users into demanding the arrest of “America’s doctor” Anthony Fauci. But where was everyone when his work was harming humans?

Images of a sad pair of beagle puppies, their heads encased in square cages as they lie hopelessly on a table, have yanked at America’s heartstrings since they were shoved back into the national spotlight by White Coat Waste Project, a group that calls out US government labs for animal cruelty and other misuse (and abuse) of citizens’ money.

One must ask why the popular outrage against Fauci over animal cruelty is not matched by an equal (if not more forceful) outrage over the doctor’s crimes against humanity. From his enthusiastic support of gain-of-function studies to his efforts to sideline a cheap, effective drug that could have saved thousands of lives during the AIDS epidemic in favor of a highly toxic alternative, Fauci’s hands are covered in the blood of humans as well as that of canines.

Hizb ut-Tahrir, a cancer in Australian society

IMHO 18C was cooked up to shut down criticism of Islam. A lot of woke Jews support it to this day. I doubt that it will ever be used against Islamic hate-preachers, because for them it’s simply ‘their religion’. And the woke establishment will do f*kc all to attack their religion.

Time to use 18C on Hizb ut-Tahrir

David Adler

‘Oh Allah, give us the necks of Jews, Amen.’ This quote did not come from Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza, it did not come from Hezbollah in Lebanon or an Ayatollah in Iran, it came from a rally in Sydney.

The rally was held by Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia earlier this year, on 11 May, on Sydney streets in the suburb of Lakemba. It occurred during the conflict in which terror groups in Gaza fired over 4,000 rockets into Israel. A video of the event has only recently been exposed by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) which does excellent work monitoring extremist Islamist material and translating it into English. The rally was attended by a few hundred people and a video was uploaded to Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia social media.

The message at the rally to ‘give us the necks of Jews’ clearly indicates that Jews should be subject to mass murder, likely by beheading. But this was not the only extremist hate speech which could incite violence. To make the intent clear beyond doubt, other chants at the rally included ‘Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews’ (referring to an ancient Muslim slaughter of Jews), ‘Oh Allah, help us purify the Al-Aqsa Mosque from their (the Jews) filth’ (referring to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem), ‘the martyr is beloved by Allah’ and ‘Destroy the Jews!’.

This is exactly the sort of incitement which has motivated violent antisemitic incidents in Israel, other Middle East countries, the United Kingdom, across Europe and elsewhere.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is an extremist Islamic political organisation with the stated objective of establishing a global Islamic caliphate ruled by sharia law. It is banned from many countries including Germany, Russia, China, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey and, significantly, most Arab countries. But it has a home in Australia.

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Oranges, meat, cars & affordable air travel must go

The Covid Tyranny Agenda and the Climate Hysteria Agenda are absolutely linked. The people pushing outrageously wrong climate predictions are the same ones pushing lockdowns, antisocial distancing and vaccine mandates. The want to change everything we do “for the greater good”. They want to completely reengineer the way we behave in order to reengineer the way we live.

No, we should not bring back rationing

Joanna Lumley says wartime-style rationing could help solve climate crisis

I don’t give a flying f*kc for the warped opinions of this glittery has-been. Do you?

Joanna Lumley has called for a return to rationing to combat climate change. Greens want us to fly less, buy less and eat less. What a miserable vision of the future

Climate change: Oranges ‘a luxury’ in bid to cut carbon

Eliminate the climate shysters before they eliminate you!

Every citizen, community, group and business in Wales is being asked “to embed the climate emergency in the way they think, work, play and travel”.


The Climate Change zealots have been talking about the need to ban meat to save the planet for quite some time now. If we can be forced to take the jab then why couldn’t they force us to become vegetarians?

Or to eat the bugs?


How did Morrison let his government flounder like this
Peta Credlin The Australian October 27, 2021
Nothing highlights the disconnect between voters and the Canberra class better than the fixation on net zero, a policy for 30 years’ time, or 10 elections hence, at a time when Australians, limping out of lockdowns, are willing their leaders to deal with the myriad pressing issues facing our country. Still, it says something about the Morrison government’s mindset that it now has two distinct policies – net-zero emissions by 2050 and nuclear submarines by 2040 – with no clear pathway to achieve either and no obvious differences between itself and the Labor opposition.
Having policies for 2050 and 2040, but not for next year, is hardly a good position to be in eight months out from an election, with a wafer-thin majority, an unfavourable redistribution, behind in the polls, and seeking a fourth term. This is especially so when many of the policies for this term are yet to be delivered.

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Climate and Covid: the fact checks we had to have

Mortality data tells us information about deaths in Australia and is usually released every 6 weeks. For an unexplained reason, the latest data is over 15 weeks overdue.

Andrew L. Urban The Spectator Australia 27 October 2021
There is no relationship between lockdowns and virus control (eg, 35 studies reported in December 2020, in American Institute for Economic Research). Despite this science-driven medical information, our governments persisted. And how some persisted. Curfews have no useful purpose in managing the virus, according to medical scientists.
Despite this known scientific information, (one) government persisted.
Evidence that face masks can provide effective protection against respiratory infections in the community is scarce, as acknowledged in recommendations from the UK and Germany.
Despite this known scientific information, our governments persisted.
Interstate border closures are forbidden by the constitution except in actual emergencies.
Despite this legal constraint, some state governments persisted – and still do.
Freedom of speech and assembly (eg protest) are essential basic rights in a democracy.
Despite this, governments persisted in curtailing both, to varying degrees, often brutally.
Predictive models about the spread of the virus and its death rates were repeatedly proven wrong.
Despite this observable fact, policymakers persisted in using them.
Predictive models about the need for vast numbers of hospital beds and ICUs due to the virus were repeatedly proven wrong (as was the ABC’s Norman Swan).
Despite this observable fact, policymakers persisted in using them.

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All for nothing

The French President goes the full sook in a call with the PM.
Macron says we need to do the hard work to ‘rebuild’ trust.
Oh and he wants us to ban coal. FFS!

30 October 2021

Perhaps a future synonym of ‘net zero’ will be ‘all for nothing’. For surely that is what the last three or four weeks of climate backflips, U-turns, ‘compromises’, ‘deals’ and ‘roadmaps’ have achieved. History will show that Scott Morrison’s gargantuan efforts to find a political solution to climate change have amounted, literally, to nothing. In fact, it’s not even net zero. We’ve lost plenty but gained zilch.

Here’s what has been lost, and it’s quite a list. First and foremost, the credibility of the federal Coalition has been incinerated on a bonfire of vanity, venality, trickery, posturing, deception and obfuscation. Clearly, the government was so arrogant after surviving and indeed enhancing its reputation during the Covid crisis that it genuinely believed it could construct a politically palatable formulation that would neutralise ‘inaction on climate change’ at the next election. No doubt any number of focus groups assured them that this was the case. That the effort to do so has thus far cost the career of every prime minister since John Howard doesn’t seem to have fazed those closest to Mr Morrison. But they gave the game away when Mr Morrison announced that his net zero plans were as much about the economy as the environment. This followed on from Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s threat that some sinister cabal of ‘international investors’ had been in his ear instructing him to ignore and over-ride the government’s democratic mandate won convincingly in the 2019 ‘climate change election’. That mandate was clear and unequivocal: to stick to the Paris agreement’s 26 to 28 per cent reductions but no more, the electorate having rejected Labor’s 45 per cent reductions.

Continued below the fold.

Here’s Pauline Hanson’s message:

“State premiers are walking all over the Prime Minister and his so-called national plan, locking down communities at the whiff of a new case and refusing to commit to the open borders that are the constitutional right of every Australian citizen,” she said.

“Scott Morrison is impotent in preventing it. He’s too gutless to admit the Constitution forbids the Commonwealth from authorising civil conscription with respect to medical services, so he lets the states and territories trample all over our right to choose, take away our jobs, separate our families and isolate our communities.

“Scott Morrison is clearly not fit to lead this country if he won’t stand up for Australians’ right to choose.”

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The ‘science’ is shit

Liberty is a mental illness?

Trusted scientists – who have been worshipped as god-like entities throughout the pandemic – faked information to help the government sell tyranny.

Academics are always lauding their moral superiority over us, but how often do we inspect what they think? 

They are the faceless entities building our cages, whispering on the shoulder of power. If what they say changes the course of civilisation, we need to hear it. The Prime Minister’s National Cabinet and its nest of premiers have gone to great lengths to make sure we don’t… 

To keep the science behind Covid health orders a secret, the Prime Minister has tabled legislation to bury National Cabinet’s machinations forever. This information is so dangerous – apparently – that its disclosure would violate the trust Australians have in their political class and jeopardise frank and honest discussions required to combat the pandemic — which is a weird position to argue from if your science is trustworthy. 

If premiers were truly in possession of enlightened knowledge, why aren’t they parading it around to excuse their sustained violation of Australian law? Wouldn’t camera-hungry chief health officers want their captives to see them fight for tougher restrictions in their hour of glory? If the Australian public are not entitled to privacy during Covid to protect ‘the greater good’ – why are politicians building walls? 

The only logical explanation is that the ‘science’ is shit. 

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Glasgow: where frail nations go to die

Australia is heading towards Wokestan. It’s not a joyride.

David van Gend The Spectator Australia 30 October 2021
I know a thing or two about terminal illness, and it seems to me that this patient, our country, has lost the will to live. If the Morrison government goes gentle into Glasgow’s good night, what should grieve us most? That our hard-won sovereignty should be surrendered to the eco-socialists of the United Nations? That a pro-business party should subject business and industry to net zero’s suffocating regulations? That a Christian prime minister should bend the knee to an apocalyptic nature-cult that terrifies our children?
The biggest emitter of the elixir of carbon-based life, President Xi, sends his apologies for Glasgow. He is too busy burning Aussie coal to smelt Aussie steel to build more battleships for the world’s largest navy. But our Prime Minister will be there, like a palliative care nurse holding the hand of a nursing-home nation that can no longer make its own way in the world.

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