In the state of Victoria, Australia, Premier Daniel Andrews again affirmed his intent to keep all unvaccinated citizens isolated, marginalized and locked out of the economy deep into 2022.  Simultaneously, Andrews warns the vaccinated citizens that if they attempt to avoid any booster shots, as determined by the state, the vaccinated will join the unvaccinated group in being locked down.

Perhaps this threat will alarm the citizens that have been vaccinated.  Just because they are compliant today, if the vaccinated class attempt to defy the government boosters 3, 4, 5, 6,… etc, they will be cast back into the second class world of the unvaccinated disposable group.

Today Premier Andrews draws the compliance around vaccinations, boosters and variants; however, he is setting up the system for government lock downs for violations of any rule in future mandates that may be unrelated to a virus.  The vaccine is the means, not the ends.  WATCH:

Once you get locked into the ronacoaster, you ain’t getting off until the ride’s over.  You may know their “vaccinated economy” conversation under the terminology of a COVID Passport.   The current goal is to cement the system for Australians to show their authorized work and life status; which, as you can see, is based on obedience to a mandated vaccine.

Australia is leading the way with their technological system of vaccination check points and registered state/national vaccination status tied to your registration identification.

The checkpoints are essentially gateways where QR codes are being scanned from the cell phones of the compliant vaccinated citizen. Yes comrades, there’s an app for that.