Big Pharma Gangsterism & the Political Conspiracy to Enslave Us All

If we have learnt ONE thing from the pandemic, it’s that we need less government in our lives.

The dictator doesn’t know why people are protesting. Calls protests “illegal”.

The Government will be flying in overseas healthcare workers on new visas, surely to replace 7,000 in Queensland alone who have been stood down or put on leave because they refuse to have a vaccine.
Last years heroes, this years expendables.


15 days to flatten the curve they said…15 boosters later.

Boosters will be ongoing. The madness will never end till ‘We the People’ end it and say ENOUGH!

Gravitas: Revealed: How Pfizer blackmails countries for shots

Is Pfizer putting profits above lives? Public Citizen, a non-profit organization says that Pfizer can stop countries from speaking about contracts, block vaccine donations, unilaterally change delivery schedules & demand public assets as collateral. Palki Sharma tells you more.

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What do you think of a man saying to a woman: if she has sex with him, he will let her keep her job?
What about: if she has sex with the man, he won’t punch her in the face?
What about: if she gets vaccinated, he won’t take away her freedoms?
Are any of these consensual?

Globalist bankers threaten Australia with higher interest rates if we don’t go net zero

“Vladimir Lenin advocated: ‘The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency’.”