COVID: How the pandemic highlighted period taboos

The toxic Covid vax is hitting the reproductive organs. Despite the denials of Big Pharma lobbyists, it causes infertility, it aborts foetuses and there are increasing numbers of stillbirths. Many babies dying shortly after birth.

Thousands reported changes to their patterns after receiving a COVID-19 jab. The medical industry is now taking action.

Menstrual cycle irregularities have been reported with all vaccines on the market, and by women in various countries globally
“Dark ages level of ignorance around women’s anatomy and physiology. Discussing it as ‘periods’ is wrong.
The only appropriate use of the term ‘period’ to describe an adverse effect is in the shedding of the uterine lining as an immune activation response. But changes to the cycle months later indicates a problem with OVULATION not just ‘periods’. The period happens after ovulation. You don’t skip periods. You skip ovulation. No ovulation, no period. And if the period is different re cycle length and amount of blood for months it indicates a problem with HORMONES and the pituitary axis, not ‘periods’. This means you have a fertility problem. Your hormones are off. They couldn’t predict it in the short term, so how can they predict the long term? Where’s the evidence? The evidence is emerging out there in the public, who were mandated it.
This reaction was initially dismissed as ‘pandemic stress’ (can you believe it, maybe it’s hysteria, dear! )
Similarly many thousands of people have suffered extreme tinnitus and then there’s the myocarditis… Scarring of your heart, for life. All unforeseen by the manufacturer.

Recently the British Medical Journal (not a conspiracy rag BTW!) has published the report of a Pfizer employee, now fired, who whistleblew the lack of integrity, safety and data management in the vaccine process. That includes lack of proper monitoring for adverse effects. When she sent it to the FDA they simply replied that they could not comment. Too late! It’s been given to millions of people so it’s MOSTLY safe!
Now sure, mistakes can happen in the process with any trials or medicine, but this is the only medicine being forced on citizens. They are telling people to choose dodgy safety monitoring and insufficient testing on women or face poverty and Mccarthy level witch hunts for even daring to bring up the possibility that there’s some roulette involved if we are all being surprised by adverse effects, including the makers of the thing.
Can we at least acknowledge both sides of the problem instead of putting our fingers in our ears and singing? Yes it’s great to have protection against severe covid, but that doesn’t mean we need to treat people who want to discuss the ‘collateral damage’ of unknown effects as threats to society who belong in the asylum. Maybe it’s time we started openly talking about the weigh up governments made and the downsides, instead of this weird denial where we ‘mustn’t mention the war’ in case people don’t want to volunteer. Above all Pfizer need some level of accountability, a company with a track record of poor ethical decisions in the pursuit of profit.”

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