Denmark wants to make Mohammedans work in order to receive welfare benefits

What’s the world coming too? Filthy kaffirs trying to make the soldiers of allah work? No way!

Migrants Mohammedans in Denmark will be told to complete 37 hours of work a week in order to receive welfare benefits, the government has said.

In other news:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that “unvaccinated’ people have a duty to get the experimental mRNA medical treatment.

Das Merkel said getting vaccinated against COVID-19 both a right and a duty for the good of society. The rapid spread of the coronavirus meant action needed to be taken immediately.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand government advised schools to call police if unvaccinated staff show up for work.

What Is the Great Reset?

Text of my talk at Hillsdale College, presented November 7. by Michael Rectenwald
I’ll begin by addressing the elephant in the room.
Isn’t the Great Reset simply a “conspiracy theory” concocted and circulated by “rightwing extremists?” The so-called conspiracy theories run something like this: the Great Reset is a plot hatched by a technocratic global elite to establish a socialist-communist New World Order. The Great Reset will abolish the property rights of the majority, as well as individual and national sovereignty, and wipe out the last vestiges of personal freedom. It uses covid-19 and climate change as pretexts to enslave what will remain of humanity, using never-ending lockdowns, experimental vaccines, and pervasive and inescapable surveillance.  …Read More…

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